February 10, 2020

Add page numbers/Bates numbers

You can add page numbers automatically in PDF Expert - there are plenty of options to choose from in order to make your files more official and organized.

In order to use the option, launch the app > open a PDF file > go to Edit PDF on the top toolbar > Header and Footer > Add Page Numbers.

Apart from the ability to decide on the pages that have to be numbered (you can select all pages or set the range manually), you can also choose the format of digits - there are Roman and Arabic numerals as well as custom and Bates numbering:

  • 1, 2, 3
  • I, II, III
  • i, ii, iii
  • A, B, C
  • a, b, c
  • Custom (this option allows you to choose a Prefix/Suffix to the page, e.g. 1A, 2B etc)
  • Bates Numbering

To choose the number to start from, indicate it in Start Page Numbering with box. You can also enable Show Page Count to apply 1 of X pages style if you tick it.

There are numerous Layout and Font Options to choose from: you can adjust the position of page numbers manually and choose the font, starting from its size and ending with color options.

Note: to change the color, right-click on the color wheel. 

A rectangular area on the left displays the preview of the page numbers layout - you can check every page there.

Note: you can also add a new page without changing page numbers of other pages by adding a suffix/ prefix to the page you added (e.g. might be useful for barristers workflow while working with trial bundles).

  1. Add a new page to the necessary position (e.g. a new page goes after page 2 and becomes page 2a, although its position is actually 3) in the PDF file using the thumbnail mode;
  2. Open the file > go to Edit PDF > Header and Footer > Add page numbers...
  3. Select Pages from: 3 to 3;
  4. Format: custom;
  5. Suffix: a;
  6. Start page numbering with 2 since you need the page to be numbered 2;
  7. tap Apply.

Another important functionality is Bates numbering - this is a commonly used method of indexing legal documents for their easy reference, identification and keeping track of documents which have been produced in litigation.

Bates numbering in PDF Expert allows to set the number of digits and indicate the prefix or suffix to be appended to each bates number, which makes it unique, as well as the starting number to continue where you left off if a new document needs to be added to the batch of documents you have already processed.

Add the bates numbers by launching the app > opening the file > clicking Edit PDF > Header and Footer > Add Bates Numbering.

Apart from selecting the pages, you can also set the prefix/suffix and indicate the number of digits.

Layout Options and Font Options allow to adjust the Bates number position and choose the suitable font.

To finish the Bates numbering, click Apply.

To remove the numbers:

  • Either go to Edit PDF > Header and Footer > Remove Page numbers to remove all page numbers from the document;

  • Or enable the Edit mode on the upper toolbar > edit page numbers on the necessary page if you need to edit an individual page number (e.g. when it is located on a dark background and you need it to stand out using another color).

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