February 10, 2020

Adding headers and footers

Headers and footers are the tools aimed for making your PDF files more organized - as a rule, they contain some additional information about the file, such as author, date of creation or page numbers and are applied to every page of the document.

PDF Expert allows you to add a header and a footer seamlessly - please follow these steps to take the advantage of the functionality:

1. Launch the app and open the needed PDF file.

2. Go to Edit PDF option on the upper toolbar > select Header and Footer.

3. Select Add Text

You can apply any recently used header or footer again if you select it in the Recents drop-down menu.  

Note: to remove headers, go to Edit PDF > Header and Footer > click Remove all text. To edit individual headers, please enable Edit mode on the upper toolbar and remove or edit individual headers by selecting them and pressing ‘Delete’ or applying the necessary changes (e.g. font or color). If you need to discard changes during a single editing session, use ‘CMD+Z’ combination. 

A drop-down menu with a number of options appears as soon as you click Add Text - here you can select the pages you want to apply the option to, indicate the text itself, adjust the layout as well as select the font to your liking and even change its size or color.

A rectangular area on the left displays the preview of your header or footer so that you can check the way it will look in the file on every page. After you’re done, simply click Apply.

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