February 20, 2020

Why I see a green background on all links of my PDF document?

All of a sudden I'm seeing PDF document links with a green background and link URL overlaid on the link text. I can send a screenshot if I can get an opportunity. The documents look fine on an older version of Acrobat Pro for Mac and in the PDF viewer in DevonThink Pro. Perhaps there is a newer version of PDF Expert? I can't find a way to download updates from the UI.


Is there any chance that you are using Editing mode in PDF Expert when you see green links? In this case, you will see green links since PDF Expert allows you to edit them. However, you will not see green overlay if you enter Annotation mode.

Also, please check the following setting: launch PDF Expert > go to PDF Expert on the upper toolbar > Preferences > General > make sure to untick Highlight Links option.

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