February 20, 2020

Few questions regarding e-signature and stamps

I'm a long term user of PDFPen Pro and various other PDF apps (like PDF Toolkit+) and have been impressed with how you've integrated so many features into the single app.

I have a few questions this far into my trial... 

  1. Why is it possible to have only four signatures in My Signatures
  2. Where are these files store on the Mac?
  3. Is it possible to edit the Standard Stamps?
  4. Can other graphic files be added to the Standard Stamps set? (eg certain emojis)?

Thanks for another great Readdle app. I use Documents and am just getting into Spark which I'm liking so much more than Apple Mail!


As for your questions, please let me answer them one by one:

  1. For now, we allow storing 4 signatures - I'm not sure it's gonna be revised in the future, but we're still working on the improvements. Please stay tuned!
  2. The files are stored on your Mac depending on the location you're downloading them to (e.g. in Downloads in Finder).
  3. Standard stamps can't be edited - you can add Custom Stamps.
  4. For now, there's no way to do so.
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