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Merge PDFs with
PDF Expert

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Add pages from one PDF to another, or merge entire PDFs together without opening them. PDF Expert allows easy management of pages in your PDF with just a few clicks.

How does merging help me?

Merging files is vital for people who work with PDF files. Creating one PDF from two or three others has never been so easy.

Has sharing only three pages from that 20-page contract been impossible? PDF Expert can extract those three pages as a separate PDF and send it off quickly for the review.

Other PDF page editing features:

Page management

PDF Expert provides a great thumbnail preview for all the pages of a PDF file. You can select multiple pages, extract, delete, rotate, share, copy and paste them in the most intuitive ways.

Extract a single page from PDF

Sometimes it is necessary to share only one page of a document with someone, without sending them the whole PDF. PDF Expert can easily extract one page and send it to your colleague.

Delete pages from PDF

Select the page or pages to delete and press the 'Delete' button on the top bar. PDF Expert will delete those pages from the PDF.

Rotate and Reorder pages in PDF

Sometimes that chart has to be in album orientation. PDF Expert can effortlessly rotate PDF pages. It has never been this easy. Click the Pages mode and Drag-and-drop pages in the document to reorder them.

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PDF Expert offre una quantità di funzioni che diventeranno presto indispensabili.

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PDF Expert

Veloce, potente e splendido gestore di file PDF.

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