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如何使用密码保护 PDF

简单四步即可使用密码保护 PDF:

  1. 免费下载 PDF Expert。
  2. 点击“文件”菜单。
  3. 选择“设置密码”选项。
  4. 输入并验证密码。

解锁 PDF:

  1. 点击“文件”菜单。
  2. 选择“更改密码”选项。
  3. 输入新的密码,或点击“移除”即可删除当前密码。

您的 PDF 文件可能涉及机密信息,且此文件的敏感性无异于纸质文档,您就有必要尽可能地保障信息安全。


那么,您就必须保护文档隐私。您不必在网上搜索有关使用密码保护 PDF 的方法,我们已帮您找出解决方案。此方案简单且可靠。


若需设置密码来保护 PDF,请打开文档并点触文件菜单。在下拉列表选择设置密码

剩下操作亦简单易懂。输入密码(避免使用“生日”等简单密码),重复输入,完成。设置密码保护 PDF 到此结束,任何人将无法查看此文档,他人猜中密码的机率几乎为零。


在“最近”或 Finder 找到文件。双击后,您将看到此画面:

很不错吧?你只要输入之前设置的密码,即可阅读、编辑 PDF



  • 再次定位到文件菜单
  • 点击更改密码
  • 重新输入旧密码后,点击“更改”即可设置新密码,或点击“移除”删除密码。

注意:您若是文件所属者,PDF Expert 将是您强有力的密保后盾。 密保过程安全、可靠,任何他人均无法移除 PDF 密码。


  • 应包含数字、大写字母、符号;
  • 至少使用12个字符;
  • 请勿使用常用词汇及其近义词;
  • 避免在密码里使用个人信息;
  • 使用密码管理应用,如 1Password。

你若参考以上建议来设置密码,即可保证 PDF 密保万无一失。

我们欢迎您通过7天免费试用来体验 PDF Expert 的强大性能。您若对我们的产品有任何建议或意见,还望您能不吝指教。

How to password protect PDF

4 simple steps how to password protect a PDF:

  1. Download PDF Expert for free.
  2. Click on the 'File' menu.
  3. Select 'Set password' option.
  4. Enter and verify your password.

To unlock PDF:

  1. Click on the 'File' menu.
  2. Select 'Change password' option.
  3. Enter a new password or click 'Remove' to delete the existing.

Sometimes PDF files are very private and confidential. It's the closest alternative to real paper documents, and you want them to be as secure as possible.

If there is a document about an upcoming companies merger or several. financial statements, you don't want everyone to see them or use them without permission.

That's when you need to secure your files. If you were browsing web searching how to password protect PDF, we've got the answer for you. No, you don't need to chain a guard dog to your laptop! There's a simpler and more reliable way.

How to set a password

To password protect PDF, open the right document and tap File menu. Then choose Set Password in the dropdown.

Everything that happens next is sequential and easily understood. Enter your password (it better not be QWERTY or your birth date), repeat it, and and you're done. You have set a reliable password for your PDF file. Now, no one can read it unless they know the magic combination of numbers, letters and symbols.

Let's check to see if it's a reliable protection or if you still need a guard dog.

Find that file in your Recents or directly in Finder, double click on it and this is what you will see:

Isn't it cool? You enter the password you just created, and enjoy reading or editing your PDF.

Now let's check out the main menu to see a preview of the file. This app is really on the ball about security. Those locks won't let us see even the preview without the password.

Having proved the point, do you now want to change the password or make a super secure file back to an ordinary one? You can remove password in PDF in seconds.

  • Go to the File menu one more time
  • Click Change Password
  • Enter your password again and click 'Change' to set a new or 'Remove' to delete the password.

It should be noted that PDF Expert is a great PDF password remover on Mac when you're the owner of the file. It's absolutely secure and reliable and won't let any outsiders to remove password in your PDF for malicious intent.

Some tips for creating a strong password (and remember it!)

  • Include numbers, capital letters and symbols;
  • Use a minimum of 12 characters;
  • Don't use dictionary words and their obvious substitutions; e.g. h0use is not cool;
  • Avoid putting biographical details into your password;
  • Use a password manager, i.e. 1Password.

Great! Now you know how to password protect PDF files with a strong and reliable password. No one can see them. Congrats, you just left your guard dog without a job! ;-)

You are welcome to get a free 7 days trial to check PDF Expert out. Please don't hesitate to let us know what you think.