February 10, 2020

Add, rotate, move, and delete PDF pages. Editing PDFs

To work with a PDF page and not with its content, go to the Page Management Mode.

Manipulating pages in PDF Expert is intuitively simple and fast. Click the Page thumbnails button and discover the beautiful layout and the features to help you in your everyday workflow.

You can open a PDF in PDF Expert, then add, delete, and rearrange pages, or append one PDF to another.

To Add a new page:

In Page Management Mode, click Add Page to create a new page > click and drag the page to place it.

To Delete pages

In Page Management Mode, select the pages that you wish to delete > click Delete at the top.

To Reorder pages

In Page Management Mode, click and drag the page to rearrange it or press ⌘ and click several pages to drag them to a new place together.

You can also reverse the page order of a PDF file. If you have a PDF where pages are in an inverse order, you can fix that by selecting all pages with Command-A shortcut, Control-click any thumbnail, and choose Reverse to change the order of pages.

Moreover, here's a way to Copy, Rotate or Reverse the order of all pages at once: select all pages using Command-A shortcut, Control-click any thumbnail, and choose the command. 

To Append a file

PDF Expert lets you combine two PDFs right from the thumbnail pane. The file you append will be placed at the end of the PDF you work with.

To Rotate pages

In Page Management Mode click select a page or several pages and click Rotate in the upper toolbar. You may also use the ⌘R and ⌘L shortcuts.

To Copy pages from one PDF and Paste them into another

In Page Management Mode, select the pages needed and click Copy at the top > open the tab with another PDF and click Paste.

To Share

You can send selected pages (e.g. annotated pages only) by email, print selection, or export them to another app with ease.

To Extract pages

Split a large PDF into multiple files based on the number of selected pages or simply save a range of pages as a separate file. Choose All pages in one file or Each page in a separate file if needed.

Here are also some extra options you may find useful: 

Show page size. The size of each page is displayed under each thumbnail. Control-click any thumbnail and choose ‘Show Page Size’ to reveal the properties. Unit Length is configured in PDF Expert preferences.

You can manipulate pages in the ‘Bookmarks, outlines, annotation’ summary pane as well.

Drag and drop. You can move things around and arrange them in the right order easily with drag and drop. As you merge PDFs, add new pages or need to recombine existing ones, drag-and-drop page thumbnails to a new location. If the file is too long, copy a few pages, scroll down and paste them.

Quickly add an image as a new page. Drag an image from your desktop or Finder and drop it where you want it to be.

Insert one PDF into another. Drag the file icon from your desktop or Finder into the page thumbnails of the opened PDF.  

Drag pages from one document to another. Open two documents in the Split view, enable Thumbnail mode, and simply drag the pages between the panes.

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