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PDF Expert is the best tool for Apple products: its features and tech charm

PDF Expert harnesses the power of Apple products to let you multitask or complete complex tasks quickly. It uses features like the trackpads to tap, swipe, pinch, or spread as you navigate a document. And not only that, the proof is here in this article.

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How to take notes on iPad with PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a powerful PDF editor, but it’s also great for taking notes on iPad. There are many things you can do: From drafting a to-do list to capturing your impressions while reading a book. Learn how to use PDF Expert as a note-taking app.

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Joyful iOS 17 updates: Shortcuts, emojis, and more…

This update will allow you to work with documents more intuitively, streamline everyday workflows, make it easier to multitask on iPads and add a fun element to interacting with PDFs.

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A stress-free study environment — 2 easy tips from a PhD candidate

Getting lost in a plethora of screenshots, files, books, and notes seems to be an unavoidable part of day-to-day life of a PhD candidate. Well, it might only seem that way. Things can really improve if you are armed with the right tools. Or, just one… We’ve connected to a PhD candidate in biomedical science to get a hold of what a sensible approach to research work should be like.

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Caio Duarte: how PDF Expert’s OCR has made studying faster

Caio studies medicine in Argentina, using a lot of faded scanned books and PDFs. PDF Expert’s OCR - optical character recognition - feature, helps him to recognize the text in these books, making them searchable and speeding up the studying process.

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Adding interactivity into lessons with PDF Expert: 5 easy tips for teachers

When students are active participants in the educational process, they learn while, at the same time, having fun and being active and engaged. PDF Expert is your essential companion in turning a lesson into a piece of art.

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Nicholas on how PDF Expert speeds up his behavioral economics research

Meet Nicholas, a behavioral economics Ph.D. researcher and teacher from Germany, who first discovered PDF Expert seven years ago as a student and now considers it an invaluable tool in his work within academia.

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5 best Mac apps to help students study smarter, not harder

With a fresh new school year ahead of you, it's the perfect chance to amp up your app game and make studying more productive and enjoyable. Here we share top-notch apps that'll supercharge your creativity and make this academic journey a whole lot smoother!

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Vincent Hunink on how PDF Expert helps to inspire students to learn Latin

Vincent is a Latin language Ph.D. professor at a Dutch university. He loves the Latin language, and he is on a mission to inspire his students to become independent thinkers and researchers of the Classics. PDF Expert is an essential tool for Vincent, as it helps him to easily customize the coursework and manage his 3,000-book library.

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How PDF Expert can help optimize your studying process

Let’s go back 10 years to when I was a first year student, with PDF Expert I wouldn’t have tripped on the stairs dropping my bundles of books and notes everywhere. Instead I’d have one of the most simple yet powerful tools available to any student right there in the palm of my hand.

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