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Going paperless: 5 simple things you can do today

In the US, offices use around 12.1 trillion sheets of paper a year. Learn how to go paperless and reduce paper consumption by doing 5 easy things, from scanning paper documents to switching to electronic signatures.

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Measurement tools are now available on Mac: measure with confidence, work with ease

Popular measurement and scale tools are now available on the Mac version of PDF Expert. Now, AEC professionals can easily measure floor plans and projects across all Apple devices, embracing streamlined workflows and efficient project management.

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From busy to productive: identify and ditch these 7 daily habits

Although the trap of being busy rather than productive is real, there are pretty simple ways to prevent this from happening to you. Here, we've outlined some common habits to avoid, which will help keep you focused.

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Serkan Çakır on how PDF Expert helps him master project management

For Serkan Çakır, a seasoned Project Manager with a background in Electrical Engineering, efficiency is not just a goal—it's a way of life. Let's dive into Serkan's journey and discover how PDF Expert has become his trusted companion in the challenging role.

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How to fill out IRS tax forms for 2024: IRS templates, valuable tips, and mistakes to avoid

Tax forms are confusing and complicated to deal with. However, if you follow simple rules, and get qualified help and the right tools, you should be ok with filing your taxes. Download latest tax form templates, and your very own PDF editor to fill them out online.

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Meet PDF Expert on Apple Vision Pro: effortless multitasking and the most intuitive navigation

PDF Expert is among the first apps to be available on the App Store for Apple Vision Pro! Enjoy powerful PDF editing capabilities packed into a seamless compact interface when handling any routine document tasks on Apple Vision Pro.

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Sustainable Productivity Talks: Giorgia Calvi and her inspirational studygram videos

We continue our productivity talks with Giorgia, a TikTok blogger from Italy, who creates motivating short videos about studying, planning, and being organized. Giorgia inspires thousands of people worldwide to be more productive and experience joy in doing everyday tasks - so we asked her to share studying tips and sources of inspiration.

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Sustainable Productivity Talks: Francesco D’Alessio, the master of productivity apps

We’ve talked with Francesco, an avid productivity apps expert and blogger, about sustainable productivity, AI influence, and his view of building a healthy foundation for a productive lifestyle.

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Introducing AI Chat (Beta): your shortcut to summarizing and extracting info from PDFs

Use our new AI Chat feature to quickly summarize PDF docs, understand their contents, and extract key info.

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Dmitrii Kuzmin on how PDF Expert magically speeds up business operations

Going through 300 PDFs daily? Sounds like a nightmare - unless you add a bit of magic. We asked Dmitrii, a PDF Expert avid user from Poland, about his approach to time management and productivity and how the app helps him to navigate through hundreds of PDF documents daily.

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