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How you can help Ukraine right now

Many of our customers and partners asked how they can help Ukraine fight back and stop the aggressor. Here are the things you can do from anywhere in the world.

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Entering the world of music composer with PDF Expert

A music director is the heart of the performance. Let’s look behind the scenes to explore one of the biggest secrets of a brilliant music director, composer, and clinician, Vince Gassi. A pure harmony of combining classical art and a digital app.

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Step-by-step guide to recover deleted PDF files

Have you accidentally deleted a PDF file? Don't give up! This guide will help you recover such documents and regain access to them.

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PDF Expert for iOS now lets you convert PDFs to Word and other formats

We know you've been waiting for this update! Now you can convert PDFs to Word, images, and spreadsheets right on your iPhone and iPad. Read on to learn more.

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PDF Expert brings the desktop-class presentation experience for iPad and iPhone

Want to jump on a call and share your screen with others while on the go? There’s no need to rush to your computer. PDF Expert now supports SharePlay, letting you easily share and collaborate on PDFs via FaceTime.

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A stress-free study environment — tips & tricks from a PhD candidate

Getting lost in a plethora of screenshots, files, books, and notes seems to be an unavoidable part of day-to-day life of a PhD candidate. Well, it might only seem that way. Things can really improve if you are armed with the right tools. Or, just one… We’ve connected to a PhD candidate in biomedical science to get a hold of what a sensible approach to research work should be like.

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PDF Expert introduces an amazing free update for educators and students

Need to review a chapter from your Math textbook or provide meaningful feedback to students? PDF Expert for iPad has got you covered. Millions of educators and students rely on this app in classes. We’d love you to try it.

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PDF Expert for iOS adds a powerful toolset for construction professionals

Meet the much-awaited scale and measurement tools, polygon and polyline shapes, callouts, and more. Finally, you can ditch clunky industry-specific apps and fully rely upon PDF Expert in your workflow.

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PDF Expert vs Adobe Acrobat: Which one is better to work with PDFs?

All of us use PDF documents these days. There are plenty of tools out there, and most of them cost quite a lot. You have to be really careful choosing one — it will be your best friend at work.

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How PDF Expert Helps You Study from Home

With schools and colleges shut indefinitely and the ongoing uncertainty about exams and submissions, here’s how PDF Expert helps you study from home.

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