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How to Take Notes on iPad with PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a powerful PDF editor, but it’s also great for taking notes on iPad. There are many things you can do: From drafting a to-do list to capturing your impressions while reading a book. Learn how to use PDF Expert as a note-taking app.

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Why PDF is the Best File Format for Law Firms and Legal Professionals

Modern lawyers can use a single iPad with PDF documents instead of old-school folders and binders. Here are the reasons why PDF documents are an ideal choice for legal eagles.

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PDF Expert Now Supports the New iPad Pro

When you get your hands on the new 11'' or 12.9'' iPad Pros and launch PDF Expert, you're gonna love what you see.

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5 Benefits of Submitting Student Assignments in PDF

We believe PDF is the most suitable format for submitting student assignments. You can create a PDF file easily, share it without worrying about compatibility, correct typos at the last moment, and work with teacher's feedback effectively.

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How to Annotate Textbooks to Remember More

Annotating is a great way to interact with text and remember its key points. Learn the 4 tips to annotate books and become an effective reader.

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How I Get the Most Out of Scientific Books, Journals, and Articles

Academic reading is often extremely challenging. It isn't as straightforward as perusing novels, where you can pick one up and consume it from beginning to end. Academic articles require a different approach.

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Why it’s Better to Use PDF files instead of Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents

The PDF file format has several incredibly nifty advantages over other common file formats such as Word or Powerpoint documents. Here's why it's better to use PDFs instead of the other formats.

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New PDF Expert for Mac with the Powerful Converting Engine and better content management

We're happy to announce another great update to PDF Expert for Mac with the powerful converting capabilities. Let's dig inside!

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7 Tips To Get the Most Out Of PDF Expert for Mac

PDF Expert helps you read, edit and annotate PDFs with ease, but also has some incredible tricks up its sleeves. Let's check them out!

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PDF Expert for Mac Gets an Amazing Update for Legal and Medical Professionals

Today, we’re happy to announce PDF Expert for Mac’s great update which is essential for any legal eagle’s office or medical establishment.

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