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PDF Expert for Mac lets you easily edit text, images and links. It will automatically detect the font, size, and opacity of the original text; so you can make edits easily. It works like magic!

Edit Images

Easily add, replace and resize images in your PDFs. Or change a logo or a graph. PDF Expert will handle those edits easily.

Add links

Now linking any part of the text to a different page or a website is easy. Moreover, links can be added to the images.

Edit PDF Text

PDF Expert revolutionizes PDF text editing. Edit a contract by fixing that typo in your name or a street address. Update your CV easily or adjust an invoice, stating the correct amount. Anything can be edited and fixed.

Redact sensitive information

PDF Expert can permanently delete or white out sensitive text and hidden data in your PDF. 'Find & Redact' finds all uses of a specific word, phrase or number and quickly removes them. This is very useful for sensitive documents.

Edit Table of Contents

PDF Expert provides the best experience for creating outlines to easily navigate through the whole file. Hotkeys can help do this in a few seconds. Subitems for outlines is another useful addition to your workflow.

How does PDF Editing help?

PDF editing features are vital for people who work with contracts, agreements and other documents. We all had that situation when PDF file has to be edited. For example: fix the amount in an invoice, the street address, or the name - the use cases are endless. PDF Expert takes care of any PDF editing scenario you might have.

Save and Collaborate

PDF Expert works, plays, and connects well with others. When it's time to send documents to clients, coworkers, and everyone in between, PDF Expert has top-notch support for your Mac's system-wide share sheet and other apps. If an app accepts PDFs, PDF Expert can get them there. It becomes even more useful after adding Readdle Transfer Technology.

Transfer PDFs from your Mac to iPhone or iPad

Readdle Transfer Technology allows transfer of PDF files from your Mac to iPhone/iPad and vice-versa. Now, conveying your PDFs avoiding third tools, like iCloud Drive or email is easy. Transfer with a single click, right from the App, when your devices are on the same Wi-Fi net.

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