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在 Mac 上合并 PDF

简单两步即可在 Mac 上合并 PDF:

  1. 免费下载 PDF Expert。
  2. 点击“文件”菜单。
  3. 点击“合并文件”选项。
  4. 选取需要合并的文件。


  1. 点击顶端工具栏的“缩略图”图标。
  2. 选择“附加文件”选项。

毋庸置疑, PDF 编辑应用的核心功能是合并 PDF。一般来说,您需同时打开好几个文档,通过不断地复制,将文本粘贴到 Google Docs 或 Pages。


这就是您为什么需要货真价实的合并。在 Mac 上合并 PDF 有两种方法:合并页面,或将全部 PDF 合并成新的文件。此功能操作简单,省时省力。

PDF Expert 提供此两种方法,页面管理功更能让您事半功倍。您可将一个文档的页面添加到另一文档,或在不打开文档的情况下将全部 PDF 合并在一起。

为何 PDF Expert 能在 Mac 上提供较好的 PDF 合并体验?

很多用户都会有此疑问。适用于 Mac 的 PDF 合并应用琳琅满目,在“预览”模式下合并文档是这些应用非常重要的卖点。然而,此种合并模式有三个主要缺点:

  1. 不够直观。您若第一次使用此模式,根本就摸不着头脑。
  2. 当您合并文档时,“预览”模式可能丢失表单数据。
  3. 你若合并较大文档,合并后生成的文档可能过于臃肿。在“预览”模式下,最糟糕的情况是:合并效率不尽人意。我们也已在上一篇文章提及此问题。

我们在开发 PDF Expert 之初,目标就是让合并文档变得更灵活。就是说,您能合并文件,也能合并页面。仅需三步,即可完成:

  1. 前往“文件”设置,点击“合并文件”。
  2. 务必在侧边栏选择缩略图。打开后,仅需拖放文档到已打开文档即可。
  3. 前往“缩略图”,使用“附加文件”。

合并是 PDF 处理流程中非常重要的一环。之后,您可选择多个页面,提取、删除、旋转、分享、复制并粘贴,所有操作按部就班。

PDF Expert 并非是您在 Mac 上合并 PDF 的唯一选择,但其主要特点是快速、灵活。

我们欢迎您通过7天免费试用来体验 PDF Expert 的强大性能。您若对我们的产品有任何建议或意见,还望您能不吝指教。

How to merge PDF files on Mac

2 simple ways how to merge PDF files on Mac:

  1. Download PDF Expert for free.
  2. Click on the 'File' menu.
  3. Select 'Merge files' option.
  4. Select PDF files you want to combine.


  1. Click the 'Thumbnails' icon at the top toolbar.
  2. Select 'Append file' option.

There is no doubt that merging PDF files on Mac is a core tool for any PDF editor. Normally, you have to open several documents and then copy-paste text from them into a new file as in Google Docs or Pages.

When you do that, there is always the risk of losing text formatting styles or images. This can cause some headaches when you edit your content afterwards. Inserting images, changing font, or deleting odd white spaces and entire lines takes too much time.

That is why you need some sort of real merging. There are two basic ways how to merge PDFs on Mac: either merge pages or merge PDFs into one file. These functions should be intuitive and easy to use.

PDF Expert offers both, including an amazing page management toolset. You will be able to add pages from one file to another, or merge entire PDFs together without even opening them.

Why merging PDF files on Mac is better in PDF Expert?

This is the most common question. There are plenty of tools to merge PDF files on Mac, and Preview is one of the most popular options. However, there are 3 main disadvantages of merging in Preview:

  1. It's not intuitive. If it's your first time trying to use it, you will have a hard time.
  2. Preview loses scripts of your forms when you merge them (gasp!)
  3. When you merge some large files, a new one becomes way too bulky. This is when the biggest Preview problem takes place: it starts working in slow motion. We've described this issue in our previous article.

When we were developing PDF Expert, our goal was to make merging flexible. It means that you can combine both files and pages. Here are 3 ways you can do it:

  1. Go to the 'File' setting and press 'Merge files'.
  2. Be sure to select the thumbnails in your sidebar. Once it is opened, simply drag and drop the file you want to merge into your opened document.
  3. Go to Thumbnails and use special tool 'Append file'.

Commonly, merging is the very first part of any workflow. After that you can select multiple pages, extract, delete, rotate, share, copy or paste them in the most intuitive way.

PDF Expert isn't the only tool for those seeking how to merge PDF files on Mac, but it's really fast and flexible.

You are welcome to get a free 7 days trial to check it out, and please don't hesitate to let us know what you think.