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如何创建 PDF 大纲?

简单四步即可创建 PDF 目录

  1. 免费下载 PDF Expert。
  2. 选取文本片段。
  3. 右击选中文本后,选择“添加大纲项目”。
  4. 重复操作即可创建其他大纲项目。

目录就像 PDF 的地图,您通过标题即可快速定位章节,查看最重要的内容。你若有大文档需要处理,那就交给此 PDF 编辑应用吧。



首先,选择打开 PDF 的应用。在此,我们以 PDF Expert 为例子。注意,提供创建大纲功能的 PDF 编辑应用并不多。

简单两步即可通过 PDF Expert 创建目录。

  1. 选取需要链接到当前页面的文本,然后右击,选择“添加大纲项目”,应用侧边栏即刻显示大纲,就是这么简单!
  2. 打开侧边栏,选择“大纲”标签,点击底部栏的“添加项目”。至此,大纲创建成功。


PDF Expert 的大纲灵活自如。您可重命名、更改目标页面、旋转标题。




  • 目录章节数量不宜过多,否则适得其反。
  • 请使用标题来创建目录和副标题。
  • 一个小短句也可创建为目录,但请确保此方法能让您记住段落内容。

只要谨记上述要点,PDF Expert 定能提高您的 PDF 处理效率。我们欢迎您通过7天免费试用来体验 PDF Expert 的强大性能。您若对我们的产品有任何建议或意见,还望您能不吝指教。

How to create outlines in PDF file?

4 simple steps how to create a table of contents in PDF:

  1. Download PDF Expert for free.
  2. Select a fragment of text.
  3. Right-click on it and choose 'Add outline item'.
  4. Repeat for each outline item you want to create.

Outlines or table of contents (TOC) are a digital map of your PDF. They quickly guide you through the thorns of pages to the most important part of the file. So if you work with large books or documents, make sure that your PDF Editor deals with it.

When you navigating through the 300 page book or report, endless scrolling is not what you need. It is much easier to switch between handy outlines. They remind you the content of the paragraph and can be found with a single click.

How to create these super useful helpers

First, you have to decide what application to use. We consider PDF Expert (what a surprise! :-) as the best tool for it. Seriously, outlines is the feature that few editors can do.

There are 2 simple ways how to create table of contents in PDF Expert.

  1. Select the area of the text that should be a link to this page. Click the right button and select "Add Outline Item". The outline will instantly appear on the sidebar of the App. Easy!
  2. Open the sidebar, select "Outlines" tab and press "Add item" at the bottom of the bar. That's it. The outline will be connected to the page you work with.

A few more things that might be useful for you.

PDF Expert outlines are flexible. It means that you can rename, change the destination and even rotate them. Right click on your outline and voila!

Sometimes, an interesting part of a book consists of several paragraphs. You can transform every paragraph into sub-items for a particular chapter. It can help you to keep your sidebar clean. Use simple drag-and-drop to do that.

The last but not the least.

Here are a few tips on how to add TOC effectively.

  • Don't overwhelm your text with outlines. Otherwise, they will turn from timesavers into trouble makers.
  • Use headlines to create outlines and subitems.
  • A short sentence could be your table of contents. Just make sure that it helps you to understand what the particular paragraph is about.

Using these hints and the best PDF Editor = PDF Expert, you can simplify your PDF routine. You are welcome to get a free 7 days trial to check PDF Expert out. Please don't hesitate to let us know what you think.