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How to create a table of contents in a PDF

A table of contents lets you navigate your PDF file easier and faster. Adding outlines to a PDF is a breeze with PDF Expert, a go-to PDF app for Mac.

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How to create a table of contents in a PDF

Outlines or a table of contents is a digital map of your PDF file. It helps you quickly navigate through a book or report without endless scrolling. You can easily add a table of contents to a PDF using PDF Expert. This is a go-to PDF app for Mac, used by millions of people and awarded by Apple.

Download PDF Expert and let’s see how to create a table of contents in a PDF!

How to create a table of contents in a PDF on Mac

With PDF Expert, adding a table of contents to a PDF takes just a few clicks:

  1. Get PDF Expert if you haven’t done so yet.
  2. Open your file and select a few words that should link to this page. 
  3. Right-click and select Add Outline Item. The outline will appear on the sidebar and you can rename it if needed.

Here’s an alternative way to create a table of contents in PDF Expert:

  1. Open the sidebar.
  2. Select the Outlines tab and click the + button.
  3. That’s it! The outline will link to the currently opened page.

All outlines in PDF Expert are flexible. You can easily rename, delete, or change their destination with the right-click.

Sometimes your table of contents needs a more complex structure with items and subitems. This is handy for creating a thesis or report. With a simple drag & drop, you can transform any paragraph into a subitem for a particular chapter. 

A few tips for creating an effective table of contents:

  • Don't overwhelm your text with outlines. Otherwise, they will turn from timesavers into troublemakers.
  • Use headlines to create outlines and subitems.
  • A short sentence could be your table of contents. Just make sure that it helps you understand what a particular paragraph is about.

Download PDF Expert now and add a table of contents effortlessly!