An Application for Employment, also known as a Job Application Form, is a document that is used to collect details of job applicants as part of the hiring process for employment. This document is available either online or in physical form and contains sets of fields about the applicant that they have to fill out and submit to the prospective employer. Some of the fields present on a job application form are personal data and contact information about the application, their work experience & current employment status, and other related information.

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These Employment Application Forms and ‘Job Application Form’ templates allow the employer to collect information from all job applicants in an organized manner and also helps them sort and store that information for archival purposes.

Format of Job Application Form

The content and format of a Job Application Form Template will differ from place to place, as each organization and employer will have a different set of criteria, requirements and different set of fields on their application for employment template. However, the following information is standard across all job application forms:

  • Personal Information such as name, address, and contact information.
  • Educational Information such as schools and colleges attended, type of education received, degrees held, etc.
  • Details of the Job or Position Available such as designation, start date, type of employment, etc.
  • Work Experience details such as past employers and positions held.
  • References that can vouch for you.
  • Miscellaneous questions related-but-not-limited to visa status and work eligibility, background checks, disability status, etc.

All this information on the Application for Employment helps the employer know about several aspects about all potential clients and also helps them in the hiring process.

Advantages of a Job Application Form

If you look at the content of the job application form listed above, you’ll notice that almost all of the information collected from the job applicants and prospective employees is already readily available on their résumés and CVs. So you may be wondering why some companies use an application for employment form. What are the advantages of a job application form over CVs or Résumés?

A job application form is used by companies to bring standardization to their hiring process. In some cases, companies receive hundreds of thousands of job applications for a single open position. If you were to look at the Résumés of all these applications, you’d find out that each of the Résumés features different styles and formats. Résumés and CVs come in a ton of different styles, and there’s no limitation on what fonts can be used when making them. As a result, it is extremely difficult to go through all this data and organize the list.

In cases where employers expect to receive a large number of job applications, they use a Job Application Form. Applications that are submitted using a company’s application for employment form are standardized and easy to read. You can go through all the applications and find out the values for the same field by looking at the same place in the form. Job application forms also allow employers and recruiters to gather more information while using fewer resources.

How to Make a Job Application Form Template

If you are a job recruiter or HR professional working in a company that is looking to hire people, here’s how you can create your own job application form and use it to gather applications for a position available in your company.

First, go through the content of the job application form detailed above and make a note of all the details that you require from your job applicants. Next, make a list of all non-standard information that you need to collect, that is not already part of the list mentioned above.

Once you know what information needs to be present on the Job Application Form, you can go ahead and download the Application for Employment sample template available below and edit it as you want.

Job Application Form Sample Template

The application for employment PDF template shown below is a simple job application form template that you can use to gather information from your prospective job applicants. This sample PDF template will guide you on how to create your own application for employment form and is a valuable resource for all recruiters and HR professionals who are looking to run a call for employment.

* The templates here are provided for reference only and you should always talk to a professional for all legal matters

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