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You've crafted a lengthy PDF report with lots of charts and illustrations, and now it's time to email it from your iPhone. But it turns out your file is too large for sharing! You may start searching for online PDF compressors or rush to your computer to shrink a PDF there. This takes extra time and effort and is especially stressful when your deadline is looming.

If you need to compress PDF on your iPhone, our PDF Expert is here to save you. This simple and elegant app allows you to reduce the PDF file size on your iPhone and iPad in just two taps. You can also pick the desired quality and see the size of the future file.

How to reduce PDF file size on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Download and launch PDF Expert 7.
  2. Open the file you wish to compress.
  3. Tap … More at the top right.
  4. Select Reduce File Size.
  5. Choose the document quality and tap Reduce.
  6. PDF Expert has now compressed the current file.

Now, you can easily share the compressed PDF file with your colleagues or professor. You've also saved some memory on your device and got more space for other important things. You can also compress PDFs on your Mac just as easily as you do it on iPhone & iPad.

Aside from helping you compress PDF on iPhone and iPad, PDF Expert 7 can do almost anything with PDF files. You can edit PDFs, merge files, sign documents, fill out PDF forms, and more!

PDF Expert 7 is a free app while the feature to compress PDFs is available as a part of the PRO pack.

Download PDF Expert 7 from the App Store now!

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