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From simple changes to marathon PDF editing sessions, PDF Expert lives up to its name. Powerful yet easy-to-use tools are just a click away leaving your mark in record time.

Use the variety of powerful PDF annotation tools:

Text markup

Select the tool to apply and then select the text to annotate. That's it. Plus, there is a diverse palette of colors to highlight, strikeout and underline your text.

Drawing and Eraser

Draw or sketch anything desired! - 3D plans for construction, UX maps, financial graphs and much more. Use the Eraser tool to remove the parts that don't fit.

Add Text

Click anywhere in the PDF document and start typing new text. It is great for creating or completing PDF reports and notes, as well as filling out non-interactive PDF forms.


Create diagrams and schemes using shapes such as arrows, circles, rectangles and much more. The tools are interconnected and easy to combine. Adding different shapes can also draw attention to a particular part of your PDF.


Easily add unique stamps and watermarks to your PDF files. Use dozens of existing stamps such as "Approved" or "Void", or create your own, custom marks to speed up the whole process.


This tool allows notes to be added to your document as comments. Notes are life savers when it comes to cross referencing and adding contextual knowledge. It is also great for collaboration with your team members and colleagues.

Multiple selection

Select the area of the text that should be cut off and save it as a new PDF. Or you can copy any part of your document (say, a graph or a table) and paste it into your presentation.

Your outlines, bookmarks and annotations are one click away. Just press tool to find them on the side bar. PDF Expert saves them all for Mac, iPhone or iPad.

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