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  1. Download PDF Expert for free
  2. Go to the 'File' in the upper menu-bar
  3. Click on Reduce File Size
  4. Select the quality of the compressed file
  5. Save it as a new PDF or Send via Email

PDF files are one of the most popular document formats in use today, thanks to their universal compatibility and versatility. They are commonly used by students and faculties to save notes and other study material, as they can be easily shared and opened on any platform or device. Often, you come across PDF files that are too large, requiring you to reduce the PDF file size before you can share them with anyone.

Consider the following scenarios:

You might ask why do I need to know how to compress a PDF on Mac? Well, there are clearly at least two reasons.

You have almost completed your final-year project which you’ve been working on for several months. Your project has lots of diagrams, images, tables, and a certain number of pages with in-depth information about the subject. You want to email this project to your guide for proofreading, but your favorite email service displays an error that the file size is too high… Oops!

Or maybe, your office colleague has shared the company’s annual report with you, which you want to skim through on your way back home. And we all know that annual reports tend to be rather huge. How do you minimize the space in the iPhone memory occupied by this kind of PDF file? The answer is to compress the PDF file.

You can reduce the PDF file size on Mac by compressing the PDF file using an app such as PDF Expert. It is a fantastic PDF compressor for Mac that allows you to efficiently resize PDF files, without having to worry about losing any text or image.

PDF file size

Thus, how to efficiently resize PDF file without losing one letter, digit or image? We think that downloading PDF Expert for free is one of the most reasonable solutions.

PDF Expert makes PDF compressing a very straightforward process. You can reduce the PDF file size on Mac with just a few simple clicks.

How to Reduce the PDF File Size on Mac

After you’ve downloaded PDF Expert, open the PDF file you want to compress and shrink the file size of, and then click on the ‘File’ menu at the top left of your screen.

Next, click on ‘Reduce File Size’. Immediately following that, you will see a pop-up where you can choose the desired quality of the compressed file. PDF Expert even shows you the approximate reduced file size of the file.

Compress PDFs on Mac

The only thing left to do is save new PDF file or (which is just awesome) send the new PDF file promptly via email.

What’s really cool is that PDF Expert gives you the option to ‘Share’ the file directly from this pop-up window, along with the usual ‘Save’ and ‘Save As’ options. When you click on ‘Share’ the app non-destructively creates a copy of your PDF file with a smaller file size and lets you pick what app you’d like to Share to. The original “heavier” file is left intact, so if you need to make any changes to the original file, you can easily do that.

PDF Expert actually creates a lighter copy of your original file, allowing you to retain the “heavier” version of the document.

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