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Edit PDFs on your iPhone and iPad

Edit the text, images, links, organize pages, and more. The go-to PDF editor PDF Expert for iOS has all the tools to help you do any task on the go.

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Edit PDFs on your iPhone and iPad

State-of-art PDF editing

No matter the task, the new PDF Expert is up to it. Whether you are fixing a typo in a PDF invoice or removing a logo from a contract, everything works utterly smooth and fast.

Edit PDF text

Desktop-class PDF editing is now on your iPad and iPhone. Change the text directly in a PDF – just as you would in a Word document.

Modify images in PDFs

Add pictures to your PDF presentation, delete a company logo from a contract, and replace or move photos in your CV with ease.

Do even more with your PDFs

Add links

Link any part of the text or image to a different page or website.

Create outlines

Add outlines to big PDFs to simplify navigation for hundreds of pages.

Password-protect PDFs

Protect your sensitive PDF documents with a personal, secure password.

Redact sensitive data

Permanently delete sensitive information from your PDF files.

Collaborate on the go

PDF Expert provides the best platform for paperless collaboration between team members. Annotate and add notes in project materials, fill and sign contracts and invoices, and exchange files via email or cloud on the go.

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