Whether you’re a business or a cleaning service provider, creating a cleaning contract is a must before commencing any commercial or residential cleaning project.

What is a cleaning contract?

A cleaning contract is a formal agreement between a client (business or individual) and a cleaning service provider that describes the specifics of the cleaning services, the frequency of services, and other terms and conditions. 

What should a cleaning contract include?

The scope of work section is the most crucial part of your cleaning contract. It should detail all the services provided, such as dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, and any special requests for residential cleaning services. 

Commercial cleaning contracts might also include services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more intensive cleaning tasks required in office or industrial settings.

A cleaning contract should be signed if:

  • Cleaning companies or individual cleaners want to sell their services;
  • A client wants to schedule a one-day or recurring cleaning service.

How do you write a cleaning contract? 

  1. Start by finding an individual cleaner or a cleaning company, depending on your needs. You can ask your friends or family for a reliable candidate or search online (for instance, Google Maps, Thumbtack.com, or Yelp.com).
  2. Request a cleaning service proposal to understand what kind of cleaning they can perform.
  3. Choose the most trustworthy candidate, form a verbal agreement, and create a cleaning contract.
  4. Start with a brief introduction that outlines the purpose of the contract and the parties involved.
  5. Define the cleaning services, including the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and the specific tasks.
  6. Specify the contract’s start date and duration. Include any provisions for renewal or termination.
  7. Detail the payment structure, including rates, due dates, and acceptable payment methods. Specify any deposit required and terms for late payments or early termination.
  8. Clarify who is responsible for providing the cleaning supplies and equipment. If the cleaning service provider is responsible, make sure to list the supplies and equipment that will be used.
  9. Outline necessary arrangements for accessing the premises, including security protocols that must be followed.
  10. Describe the expected quality standards and how disputes will be resolved. Include any guarantees and the process for addressing unsatisfactory cleaning services.
  11. End the contract with the signatures of both parties and a date, formally agreeing to the terms.

Cleaning Contract Sample

* The template here is provided for reference only, and you should always talk to a professional for all legal matters

Whether you’re dealing with commercial cleaning contracts or residential jobs, drafting a detailed cleaning contract can save both parties time, prevent misunderstandings, and ensure a successful collaboration.

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