Managing expenses efficiently is crucial for both employees and companies. Given the importance of documenting all company expenses, an employee reimbursement form can be helpful. From travel expenses to office supplies, this document allows employees to claim expenses paid on behalf of the company.

What is an expense reimbursement form?

An expense reimbursement form is a document filled out and submitted by an employee to report money spent during the course of their work and claim it back. Such expenses may include but are not limited to travel, lodging, meals, utilities, repairs and maintenance of machinery, advertising, or even small purchases like office supplies. 

An expense reimbursement form is used to create a structured way for employees to report expenses and attach receipts, for employers to verify the information, and for employees to provide appropriate and timely reimbursement.

Travel expense reimbursement form

Most expense reimbursement forms are completed with travel-related expense claims. A travel expense reimbursement form is specifically designed to document all costs associated with business travel, which might include:

  • Flights
  • Train tickets
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Car rentals
  • Daily meal allowances

How to submit an expense reimbursement form

To ensure you have everything needed to get an expense reimbursement, follow these steps:

  1. Save your receipts. To validate your expense reimbursement form, attach all necessary documentation. This can include all items paid for during business travel or work activities. And while you may not be able to document your mileage when renting a car or using your personal vehicle on business trips, be sure to keep your gas receipts. And if some receipts are lost, you can always request credit/debit card records from your bank. You can also scan paper receipts with one of the iPhone scanning apps - like Scanner Pro. 
  2. Use an expense reimbursement form template. Our template offers a standardized and easy-to-use format for submitting expenses. It includes fields for the date, the description of the expense cost, and often a section for managerial approval. This template helps submit the form and speed up the reimbursement process for the finance department.
  3. Obtain your reimbursement. Check with your company for the reimbursement timeline. Typically, it’s 30 days, after which the employee will receive an untaxed check for the total amount.

How to implement an efficient expense reimbursement process

To make the expense reimbursement process as efficient as possible, companies should:

  • Define what expenses are reimbursable, the limits for various categories, and the documentation required.
  • Use standardized forms to make the process of submitting expense reimbursement forms easy to review and process.
  • Use software solutions for submitting, tracking, and managing expense claims.

Employee Reimbursement Form Sample

* The template here is provided for reference only, and you should always talk to a professional for all legal matters

Our template offers a solution for businesses looking to streamline their expense reporting and reimbursement processes or individuals searching to download an easy-to-use employee reimbursement form. 

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