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Review and mark up drawings

Giving feedback on building plans or blueprints is a breeze with PDF Expert. Use shapes to highlight the elements and add comments to provide your feedback.

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Reduce PDF file size

PDF building plans can be too hefty to be sent by email. Compress PDFs in seconds and easily share them with your colleagues.

Split view mode

Comparing two building plans has never been that easy! Open both, using Split View mode, and finalize the document faster.

Merge PDFs

Combine PDFs into a compact and well-organized collection of project information that is easy to review and share.

Extract pages

Need to share a single page from a huge document? Easily extract pages from PDFs with PDF Expert.

Fill out forms. Approve plans

Replace printer, pen, and scanner with a single application. Filling out invoices or signing building plans will take a minute with PDF Expert.

Automated workflows for teams

Need to quickly and easily share your files with your customers, coworkers, and subcontractors via a secure cloud-based system? Try Fluix, a successor of PDF Expert for businesses. Beyond editing PDFs, you can automatically share, approve and submit documents for signature across teams and clients and get insights from the data collected. Save time and money with a fully digital process from the field to the office.

Edit PDFs. Now it’s possible

Easily edit text, images, and links in PDFs. Fixing a typo in a bid or construction proposal is a breeze with PDF Expert.

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