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Extract pages from your PDF into a new file with PDF Expert

You can easily share only three pages from a twenty page contract. PDF Expert can extract those three pages as a separate PDF and send it out quickly for review.

How extract PDF pages might help you?

Store and Share Fewer PDF files

Sometimes you don't need everything in a massive contract. Perhaps there are only half dozen pages that are of actual interest. The best thing to do is simply extract and save them as their own file leaving that hefty file behind for a sleeker, slimmer PDF.

Gather Materials for Your research

Graphs, diagrams, and tables are a crucial part of your future project. You can easily copy-paste them from PDF magazines, books, and articles into a new PDF to collect data for your research.

Send Smaller Emails

20 Mb is the maximum that average email services can manage to send. Sometimes your PDF report is a little bit bigger. Extract the most important pages and send them separately for the review.

How to extract a page from my PDF files?

  1. Download PDF Expert for Free
  2. Go to Thumbnails mode
  3. Select the page/pages to extract
  4. Press extract button on the toolbar

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