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Shrink PDF files size on your Mac

Optimize your cumbersome PDF files into compact PDF attachment that is easy to share via email

Your annual report might be too large to send it by email. Don't worry! PDF Expert will take care of its size allowing you to easily share your compact document with colleagues.

How compressing PDF files might help you?

Share Compact PDF Files

Perhaps, your project paper contains graphs, pictures or diagrams. All these elements make your PDF bulky, and you are unable to send the file via email for the review. Shrink its size with PDF Expert and send your compact document to your professor or colleagues.

Save Money With PDF Expert

You can save money by storing shrinked PDFs in your Cloud service. Everyone uses the Cloud nowadays. It is user friendly, but you have to pay for the storage. So shrinking your PDF files size frees up more of your space for other important things.

Save Memory on your iPhone and iPad

Stop cluttering up your iPhone or iPad memory with huge PDF files. That doesn't mean you shouldn't read PDF books on your iPad. Simply shrink their size to have more space for music, videos and photos.

How to shrink the size of my PDF files?

  1. Download PDF Expert for Free
  2. Go to the 'File'
  3. Press Reduce File Size
  4. Select the quality of the shrinked file
  5. Save it as a new PDF

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This powerful app will empower your PDF workflow on the Mac and increase your productivity.

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