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Annotating PDFs is probably the second most popular thing you do with PDFs after viewing and reading. Using the right tool, you can create PDF documents that include time-saving annotations perfect for highlighting the important parts of your text and adding notes along the way. PDF Expert is the ‘right’ app that reveals the hidden potential of your PDFs.

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When you open a file you want to annotate, click to reveal a set of powerful, yet easy to use annotation tools.

Now, let's choose them one by one and see what you can do.

How to highlight a PDF on Mac

Text highlights are perfect to keep the information overload at bay. Creating visual shortcuts by marking up text with different colors is the best way to do that. Here's how to highlight the text in a PDF using PDF Expert.

First, select the style of annotations you want to work with: Highlight , Underline , or Strikeout .

Then, click and drag the text you’d like to annotate.

Every annotation you make is available on the left sidebar, enabling quick access to the most valuable pieces of content whenever you need them.

Do you want to add more colors to your annotation pallet? No problem. Once you pick your tool, you can change its color on the right sidebar.

To remove the highlighted piece of content, click on it and press delete. Simple as that.

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How to add notes in PDFs

Comments perfectly compliment your annotation sessions. Note the key bits of information as your summaries or feedback to a person you are sharing the file with. There are two simple ways to add comments to your PDF document using PDF Expert.

Select the Note tool Note tool icon, click where you want to add a note and it will pop up right there.

Or right-click the selected area of text and pick Note. That's it!

How to draw in PDFs

Before you start drawing, pick the Pen tool Pen tool icon, select the line color, opacity and thickness. Now, let your creativity soar. Draw or sketch anything desired! – from simple shapes to UI plans, graphs, mind maps and many more.

Don't worry if you added an extra element. Every mark can be easily wiped out from your PDF with the Erase tool Erase tool icon.

How to add shapes to PDFs

Do you need to add a complete circle or rectangle to your document? PDF Expert will do it in two clicks. Moreover, all the shapes are interconnected; so, you can easily combine them. Use shapes to draw attention to a particular part of a document.

To add a shape click the Shape button, select the shape you want to add, pick the color, line thickness and opacity, click on the document and drag it to finish the process.

How to add stamps to PDFs

Stamps are another cool tool to draw attention to a particular part of a document. Use dozens of existing stamps such as "Approved" or "Void” or create your own, custom marks.

To add a Standard stamp:

  1. Click
  2. Select a stamp from the Standard list.

How to download annotations from PDF

In two clicks, you can download the annotations you've created as a separate file. To do so, select File on the top bar and select 'Export Annotation Summary' as. Now, you've got a separate master list of all the notes you've taken so far.

How to remove all annotations from your PDF in a single click

There is no need to delete or erase annotations one by one if you use PDF Expert. Save time and delete all the marks in a few clicks. Here is how it works:

  1. Open your PDF file.
  2. Go to Edit in the top menu.
  3. Click Remove all Annotations.

Bring your annotation sessions to a new level with PDF Expert.
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