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Convert PDF to HTML | How To Guide

This guide covers how to convert PDF to HTML on Mac using PDF Expert. You can also find instructions on easily saving any webpage as a PDF file.

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Publishing an article on the website may take additional formatting time to ensure that every element is displayed correctly. If you already have a PDF with the content you want to showcase, consider converting PDF to HTML and save time on editing.

Learn hot to easily convert PDF to HTML and save any webpage as a PDF file.

How to convert PDF to HTML

Transforming existing PDFs into HTML allows you to easily upload content from a PDF document to your website and save time on formatting. Once you convert a PDF to HTML, you can easily copy the code from HTML and paste it into your content management system.

HTML can be more useful compared to uploading a PDF to the web page for several reasons:

  • Easy to edit the content
  • Optimized for viewing in different browsers and devices
  • Small in size
  • Flexible in formatting
  • Allows indexing and optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

PDF to HTML solutions can vary from online PDF converters to professional software. While the accessibility of uploading a PDF to the webpage and getting an HTML file is very appealing, it is important to pay attention to the trustworthiness of the website. To be in control of your documents and keep them secure, the dedicated app installed on your computer will be a safer option. This way, the file will be stored and converted locally on your device and won’t be shared with a third party.

To convert a PDF into HTML:

  1. Download a reliable PDF to HTML converter, like PDF Expert.*
  2. Open a PDF document in PDF Expert.

Screenshot of PDF Expert editor main page

  1. Choose File > Export to > HTML.

Screenshot of PDF Expert editor settings of exporting PDF to HTML

  1. Open the HTML file in the Text Editor software and copy the necessary code.
  2. Open the content management system you use for your website. 
  3. Open the Code View and paste your code.
  4. Make sure that the content looks good on your website. Edit some text if necessary.

*PDF Expert is a PDF editing software for Mac. It is great for completing any tasks with PDFs, as well as converting different file formats into PDFs and vice versa. PDF to HTML converter is available in the Premium plan. The app also offers a free trial to test-drive all available features.

How to convert any webpage into a PDF

To save a webpage that you refer to frequently as a PDF document for future reference or offline reading, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the webpage you want to save in your web browser.
  2. Choose File > Print or press the CMD + P shortcut.

Screenshot of web page settings

  1. Choose Save as PDF in the bottom left corner.

Screenshot of web page printing settings

  1. Choose the folder you want to save your PDF.

That’s it! Now your favorite guidelines, article, or other content is saved. With the saved PDF, you can read it offline in PDF Expert and make annotations.

Screenshot of PDF Expert editor with saved web page document open

If you want to convert a webpage into a PDF on an iPhone, tap the Share button when viewing the webpage in Safari. Then tap Options > choose PDF under Send As and select the app you want to export the PDF file.

Screenshot of PDF Expert on iPhone with sharing settings

We’d also like to cover some of the common questions about the file conversion.

How do HTML to PDF converters work?

PDF to HTML converters are tools or services that transform PDF (Portable Document Format) files into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) documents. Converting PDF to HTML can be challenging because PDF is a fixed-layout format, while HTML is a more flexible, dynamic one. The converter will need to preserve all type of content such as images, text, formatting, hyperlinks, and the structure of the original document that should also look well as a webpage.

What is the best tool to convert PDF to HTML?

The options depend on the factors such as the quality and complexity of the file, and the security of the data in the file. All things considered, a trusted PDF editor, like PDF Expert, is the best and most reliable tool for converting PDF to HTML. 

Why not use PDF on a website?

There are several limitations when using PDF on the website:

  • PDFs may not provide an optimal viewing experience on smaller screens.
  • Screen readers and other assistive technologies tend to work better with HTML.
  • HTML pages generally load faster than PDFs. This is crucial for user satisfaction, particularly in regions with slower internet connections or for users on mobile devices.
  • HTML content can be easily updated and maintained without the need for specialized software. Content management systems (CMS) make it simple for non-technical users to manage and update website content.

Publishing a PDF on your website can be an easy solution to share the information with your readers. Without the need to manage sharing access, there will be a quick shortcut to the file. If you want to have more flexibility with editing the content and give your readers an easier way to interact with it, HTML will be your best choice. 

PDF to HTML converter in software like PDF Expert will help you to instantly transform your file into the needed format. Moreover, the ease of use and the variety of editing capabilities will set you up for success in any PDF-related task. Trusted by millions of users worldwide and recognized as Editors’ Choice by Apple, PDF Expert continues to be a reliable solution when it comes to PDFs. We invite you to examine PDF Expert as your go-to PDF editor

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