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How to convert PDF to black and white

Learn how to make PDF black and white and reduce file size with our step-by-step guide.

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How to convert PDF to black and white

To save space on your device or prepare a document for printing, converting colours in a PDF with images or charts to black and white can become the perfect solution. Look through the benefits of converting colors to grayscale, such as black and white. 

In this guide for Mac, we will guide you through the benefits and steps of making a PDF black & white. 

Why to convert a PDF to black and white?

Make a document printer-friendly. Printing black-and-white documents can save ink and, as a result, help you cut spending on ink cartridges.

Reduce file size. Converting to black and white can reduce the file size, making it easier to share via email or store on your device or cloud storage.

Consistency Across Devices. Saving your PDF as grayscale can guarantee the infographics will look exactly the same on all devices and as handouts.

How to convert PDF to black and white?

Making a PDF black and white can be easily done with the Preview app on your Mac.

If you want to remove color from a PDF just to make a file smaller in size, it’s better to use the Reduce File Size feature in professional apps like PDF Expert. This will help you to save the PDF in high quality.

Converting colours in PDF using the Preview app:

  1. Open a PDF in the Preview app.
  2. Select File > Export
  3. Choose Format > PDF.
  4. In the dropdown menu for Quartz Filter, select Black & White, Gray Tone, or Sepia Tone.
  5. Click Save.

Why it is better to avoid online black-and-white PDF converters

While some websites offer an easy online black-and-white PDF converter, it is important to verify the website and decide whether you trust it before you share any documents or personal data. Moreover, once the file is converted, you will need to download the file from the online service.

Using the filters in Preview will protect your files and guarantee that your documents are modified locally on your Mac and are not shared with any third party.

Reduce file size and edit PDFs in PDF Expert

PDFs rich with images, charts, and graphics may take a lot of space and inconvenient to share. To compress a PDF without losing the quality of illustrations and text readability, Reduce File Size in PDF Expert can be handy.

To use the Reduce File Size:

  1. Download PDF Expert on your Mac.
  2. Open a PDF in PDF Expert.
  3. Select File > Reduce File Size.

  1. Select the preferred Document Quality option.

With PDF Expert, you can also edit text, redact sensitive information, fill out forms, sign documents, and read & annotate your documents. 

If you want to convert various types of files into PDF, PDF Expert can also help you create a professional PDF in seconds. Download PDF Expert, the best PDF editor for your Mac or buy now.