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PDF used to be non-editable format. However, there are many times you need to fix something in your PDF file quickly. Whether you are talking about small changes like adding few letters or digits, changing an image or adding new ones or major earthquakes such as merging complete files into one or extracting pages, PDF Expert is the PDF modifier for Mac. It was created and designed to meet all the needs that you might have. How can you modify PDFs on Mac using PDF Expert?

Text modifying in PDF Expert

One of the most essential editing functions is text modifying. It helps you out no matter if you work in an office and deal with many agreements, invoices, contracts, etc, or if you study at a university and have lots of homework to do, articles to read and surveys and tests to complete.

PDF Expert makes text modifying as easy as possible. You simply need to open the PDF file within PDF Expert, then make sure that you’ve switched to ‘Edit’ mode in the upper toolbar.

Next, click on the 'Text' button. Now you are ready to modify any piece of text in the document by tapping on the place where you want to edit or add something. Isn’t that easy?

Modify PDF document

Modifying images in PDF

Images tend to be a very important part of PDF files. It should be no surprise that PDF Expert pays mega attention to image modifying. You can both edit existing images and add new ones.

Click on ‘edit’ button in the upper toolbar to switch to the the editing mode. Tap on the ‘image’ button and start modifying your images. You can move, rotate, resize, edit or delete them.

If you want to add a new one, click anywhere in the document and choose the image you want to add.

Add image to PDF

How to hide sensitive info in PDF

From time to time, you may want to hide some info in a PDF from others’ eyes. It probably could be a surname, sum of money, ID, or any kind of private, sensitive content. PDF Expert was created by people for people. That’s why we’ve included the redacting function and, of course, made it easy to use. Switch to the editing mode by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button in the upper toolbar. Then choose ‘Redact’ and select the fragment of text to redact in the PDF. You can blackout or permanently erase the fragment. Done!

Hide information PDF

How to make a hyperlink in PDF

We realize that hyperlinks make PDFs so to seem “alive” and handier to use. PDF Expert made it possible to link a part of the text or even an image to another page or the web. Fast and easy in only three clicks.

First, click on the ‘link’ icon. Then select the piece of text you want to link and finally choose the link destination: 'to Page' or 'to Web'. Piece of cake!

Add hyperlink to PDF

How to combine PDF files on Mac

Sometimes you need to combine/merge PDF files into one document. Of course, you may use the ‘copy-paste’ option, however that can make a huge mess in a document. PDF Expert makes merging files incredibly smooth.

Here are the three steps to combine PDF files using PDF Expert:

  1. Enter the 'Thumbnails' mode with button in the upper toolbar
  2. Press the ‘Append file’ button
  3. Select the file you want to merge in the file manager when it appears.
Combine multiple PDFs

The file you’ve selected will be immediately combined with the one currently opened. The easiest possible solution!

PDF Expert has many more functions to discover and explore. Everything you might need to interact with PDFs on your Mac has been brought together in one app! Enjoy all the benefits of PDF Expert right out of the box! Download the free trial or buy PDF Expert now!