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How to password protect a PDF

Protecting a PDF file with a password is pretty straightforward with PDF Expert, the go-to PDF app recommended by Apple.

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How to password protect a PDF

Some PDFs are private and confidential – think of financial statements or company deals. You don’t want anyone to see them without your permission. That’s when you need to password protect such PDFs, so only a selected few who know the password can see the document’s contents.

You can easily set a password on a PDF file with PDF Expert, the go-to PDF app for Mac, trusted by millions of people and awarded by Apple. 

Get PDF Expert for free, and let’s dive in!

How to password protect a PDF on Mac:

  1. Download PDF Expert for free.
  2. Open the file you wish to lock with a password.
  3. Click File at the top left of the screen.
  4. Select Set Password.
  5. Enter and verify your password. Make sure you pick a strong one!
  6. Click Set to apply the changes.

Now, nobody can open your PDF file without a password. Even the document preview is protected from prying eyes!

How to remove a password from a PDF file on Mac

You can always update your password or remove it completely to unlock your PDF:

  1. Open your document and click File at the top left of the screen.
  2. Select Change Password.
  3. If you want to update a password, enter the new one and click Change.
  4. If you don’t need a password, click Remove Password to unlock your document.

PDF Expert works as a great PDF password remover on Mac when you're the owner of the file. It's absolutely secure and reliable and won't let any outsiders remove passwords in your PDF for malicious intent.

Finally, here are the tips for creating a strong password:

  • Include numbers, capital letters, and symbols.
  • Use a minimum of 12 characters.
  • Don't use dictionary words and their obvious substitutions; e.g. h0use is not cool.
  • Avoid putting biographical details into your password.
  • Use a password manager, e.g. 1Password.

Great! Now you know how to password protect PDF files with a strong and reliable password. And if you accidentally delete your file, you can also recover a PDF with the right tools.

Download PDF Expert today!