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  1. Download PDF Expert free for a week
  2. Open the PDF file you want to print
  3. Use the key shortcut ⌘P


  1. Download PDF Expert free for a week
  2. Open the PDF file you want to print
  3. Tap on ‘File’ in the upper menu-bar
  4. Click ‘Print’

In many cases, you can avoid printing your PDF file if you have easy-to-use and smart software to work with PDFs on your Mac (e.g. PDF Expert (all of a sudden!). However if printing is a must, how do you print a PDF on a Mac?

We suggest you download a free trial of PDF Expert to see how smooth and natural it is. For printing open the needed PDF file within PDF Expert and press the key shortcut ⌘P. You can set up printing options and in a few seconds you’ll retrieve the printed file from the printer. Done!

Print PDF dialog

In case you don’t use or remember key shortcuts, you can tap on ‘File’ in the upper menu-bar and click ‘print’. The result is the same with both options.

Print PDF menu

Of course there are many other PDF editors that you may use to open and print your files. Some market giants such as Adobe perform really well, although they sometimes have an unexpected dark side. The price you have to pay might turns to be more than expected.

Other apps for Mac may be cheap to buy. However the way they work might be unstable enough to cause unexpected crashes, or they lack all the needed functions right out of the box.

Definitely it’s your decision about the option which is the best for you. Nevertheless, it’s better to test drive an app yourself before paying money for it!

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