Today, most businesses rely on independent contractors (freelancers). Whether it’s freelance writers, graphic designers, or consultants – companies find it easier to hire individual professionals for certain tasks rather than employing them full-time. However, while employees receive consistent compensation as stated in their contracts, how can a freelancer legally obtain payment for their services? An independent contractor invoice can ensure that freelancers get paid for their services and maintain a professional and legal relationship with their clients.

What is an independent contractor invoice?

An independent contractor invoice–also known as a freelance invoice–is a billing document used by freelancers to charge for their services. Unlike traditional employees, independent contractors need to handle their own billing and taxes. Therefore, an invoice serves as a legal request for payment, detailing the services provided and the compensation.

Freelance work can include:

  • Content writing;
  • Proofreading;
  • Web designing;
  • Web development;
  • QA & testing;
  • Consulting;
  • Project management;
  • Sales;
  • Customer support.

Key elements of an independent contractor invoice

To create an effective independent contractor invoice, ensure it includes the following information:

  • Your personal information – your name, logo (if you have one), and contact information.
  • Client’s information – their name, address, and contact information.
  • Invoice number – a unique number to track all your transactions.
  • Invoice date and due date.
  • List of services – every service you provided as an independent contractor, with a brief description, project names, hours spent working (or word numbers), your hourly rate or price per word, and other references.
  • Total amount due– the cost a client should pay you for the project(s).
  • Payment terms – payment methods and other terms & conditions related to the payment.
  • Payment due date – a deadline to avoid confusion.
  • Policy for late payments (if you have one).

How do I invoice as an independent contractor?

Your work should be legally rewarded. Here’s a guide on ​​how to create an invoice as an independent contractor:

  1. Use our independent contractor invoice template. Download it in PDF, fill it in, and save yourself time and energy during this process. 
  2. During the course of your partnership, jot down all the tasks and projects you’re working on. For instance, if you are a writer, you can keep records of your word count, or if you are a software developer, you can note how many hours you spend on the project. Pro tip: Instantly add the information to the invoice or create a Google Table and save all the details about your collaboration inside.
  3. As soon as the project is finished, adjust your invoice for final billing. Make sure that everything is up to date and correct to avoid misunderstandings or delays.
  4. Ask the client for the most convenient payment method. Your invoice can include several options, such as PayPal, Bank Wire, and credit/debit card.
  5. Send the client your invoice via a convenient email client or messenger, and make sure they’ve received it. If you haven’t received any news in a week, make sure to write a follow-up.
  6. Await the payment and be ready to work with other clients!

Independent Contractor Invoice Template


* The template here is provided for reference only, and you should always talk to a professional for all legal matters

As an independent contractor, an invoice is necessary for timely payments and smooth workflow. With the detailed guide and our independent contractor invoice sample, you can create professional invoices that reflect the quality of your work. 

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