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Apple Pencil and PDF Expert are perfect companions to express your thoughts on the page. Fascinate your clients and colleagues with beautiful freehand sketching skills. Use various pens, brushes, and colors to draw anything from a simple chair to a skyscraper.

Take unforgettable notes

Take unforgettable notes

Turn PDF Expert into your everyday notepad with Apple Pencil. Jot down notes while on a meeting with colleagues or a client to make sure no crucial detail slips through the cracks.


Collaborate & Approve

Transform the way you collaborate with team members using PDF Expert. With its power, you can take a picture of a plan, turn it instantly into PDF, add some comments, approve with your signature, and send it back by email or upload it to a cloud.

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Collaborate & Approve

Customize it to your flow

Keep your most-used tools at hand to access them faster when needed. Arrange multiple pens with various colors and line thicknesses, highlighters, and favorite shapes alongside each other.

workflows for teams

Need to quickly and easily share your files with your customers, coworkers, and subcontractors via a secure cloud-based system? Try Fluix, a successor of PDF Expert for businesses. Beyond editing PDFs, you can automatically share, approve and submit documents for signature across teams and clients and get insights from data collected. Save time and money with a fully digital process from the field to the office.

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