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How to scan a PDF document on iPhone and iPad

With a PDF scanner, high-quality digital copies are just a snap away. As iPhone and iPad have a built-in camera that takes high-quality pictures, you no longer need a scanner to scan books, receipts, or contracts.

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How to scan a PDF document on iPhone and iPad

Scanning a PDF document with PDF Expert on iPhone and iPad

Check out the steps below on how to scan a document using PDF Expert. You will need your document and PDF Expert on your iPhone or iPad. 

  • Prepare your document for scanning. If you can find a place with natural light, don’t miss this opportunity. It may increase the quality of your scan.
  • Open PDF Expert. 
  • Tap the blue Plus button in the lower right corner.
  • Select Scan under the Create New category.

  • Allow access to your camera.
  • Position the document in view and take a scan.
  • Tap Keep Scan once you are happy with the quality of the photo, and scan additional pages if needed. 
  • Tap Save once all pages of your document are scanned.

PDF Expert will automatically save a scan to PDF in the app. You will see the file named Scan with the current date. Feel free to rename it, edit PDF, re-arrange pages, and export the file.

Why PDF Expert is your ultimate PDF tool?

Managing files can be difficult and out of control when there are different apps, files come from different sources and you need to remember where they are stored. With PDF Expert, you can make a habit of saving your PDFs into the app and have all the tools you need to get the work done. 

Having an app dedicated to all your PDFs and scans is convenient for the sake of file organization (knowing where the document is stored and where to get the important information from the file) and for having your digital library with you wherever you go. You can start creating PDFs, scanning documents, or editing existing PDFs on your iPhone and iPad.

Let PDF Expert become your PDF scanner on iPhone or iPad.