If you require installation, repair, maintenance, or any other plumbing services for your residential or corporate building, you need to create a comprehensive and legally binding plumbing contract. 

What is a plumbing contract?

A plumbing contract is a signed agreement between a plumber or plumbing company and a client. It specifies the plumbing services to be provided, the compensation, both the plumber’s and client’s obligations and other terms and conditions relevant to the job. 

Plumbing services may include:

  • Installation services – new plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, water heaters, new pipes, valves, and water or sewer lines.
  • Repair services – fixing leaks, unclogging drains, repairing or replacing broken fixtures, patching damaged pipes, etc.
  • Maintenance services – inspecting and cleaning drain lines, servicing water heaters, checking for leaks, etc.
  • Emergency services – urgent repairs, such as burst pipes, severe clogs, or significant leaks.
  • Inspection and compliance – inspecting existing plumbing systems, identifying potential code violations, and making necessary adjustments.

Plumbing contract example

A client hires a plumber for a residential bathroom renovation. In this case, the plumbing contract’s scope of work might include removing old fixtures, installing new pipes, fitting a bathtub, and ensuring everything is up to code. The contract would detail the specific brands or quality of materials, the total cost, as well as the project’s timeline.

How to write a plumbing contract

Before drafting your plumbing contract, make sure to find a reliable contractor. After that, you can start working on the agreement. Using a plumbing contract template can streamline the process, allowing you to customize essential details for each project. Here’s what your plumbing contract should include:

  1. Write down the parties involved in the contract – you, the client, and the plumber. You also need to specify where the services will be performed and the contract’s effective date.
  2. Outline the scope of work for the plumbing contract. List all the necessary services, such as installation, maintenance, or repair. 
  3. Add the project’s start date, duration, and any deadlines or milestones.
  4. After agreeing verbally on the cost of services, include the payment schedules. Cover the details about deposits, final payments, and late payment fees, as well as acceptable payment methods.
  5. Specify who is responsible for providing the necessary materials and equipment. If the plumber supplies them, detail the cost and quality of materials.
  6. Describe the warranties or guarantees on the work performed or the materials used.
  7. Define the process for resolving any disputes that may arise during the plumbing services.
  8. Mention the terms and conditions for terminating the contract by either party.
  9. Conclude with a section for both parties to sign and date the contract, making it legally binding.

Plumbing Contract Sample

* The template here is provided for reference only, and you should always talk to a professional for all legal matters

Use our plumbing contract template to simplify the agreement creation process and ensure the success of the plumbing services. If you’re looking for an app to customize your template further, fill it out and sign it digitally, download PDF Expert, and continue working efficiently with your plumbing contract template.

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