Why PDF is the Best File Format for Law Firms and Legal Professionals

We imagine a typical lawyer as a serious person wearing a suit and holding a large stack of papers. He constantly passes papers back and forth with his colleagues to get their input or feedback. His office is cluttered with numerous document folders and boxes which take a lot of time to search through. When an attorney goes to a court, he has to carry heavy piles of documents and struggle to find the one he needs right now. Fortunately, new technologies offer better ways to work with documents.

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5 Benefits of Submitting Student Assignments in PDF

Some time ago, students had to carry large piles of paper to their classes, looking for teachers to hand them their essays and assignments. Life is easier now. New technologies allow students and teachers to communicate and share documents quickly and effectively. Students create and save their homework in different file formats, but which one is the best for sharing? We believe PDF is the most suitable format for submitting student assignments, and here are our five reasons for this.

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How to Annotate Textbooks to Remember More

The school year starts soon. It’s time for students to return to their textbooks and study hard. Preparing for classes or writing papers requires a lot of reading. It’s not enough to read a book; you have to understand and remember its main ideas to use them in your written assignment or answer exam questions.

As a student, I had to read a lot of textbooks, but unfortunately, I’m a forgetful reader. Sometimes I reread the same book, and it feels absolutely new to me. It may be an advantage for reading fiction, but it’s an obstacle to studying.

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How I Get the Most Out of Scientific Books, Journals, and Articles

While studying, I had to read a lot of academic papers to prepare for classes and to find useful information for my thesis. I remember struggling with a paper on mass communication the night before my exam. Sadly, I fell asleep somewhere after the introduction and failed to find the information I needed.

I’ve learned academic reading is often extremely challenging. It isn’t as straightforward as perusing novels, where you can pick one up and consume it from beginning to end. Academic articles require a different approach.

At first, I tried to print every article I needed. I had to wait in a long line at the university copy center to find out I’d forgotten my USB stick. Sometimes I emailed documents to my mom so she could print them at work and bring them home in the evening. This method required good planning skills to get my papers in time.Plus, I felt constant environmental guilt..

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Why it’s Better to Use PDF files instead of Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents

The PDF file format is one of the most common file formats in use today. It is not only extensively used in the legal, medical and real-estate industries, but is also seen being used in schools & colleges, small businesses or even at home. It started gaining popularity around 2008 when Adobe released it as an open standard, which led to the widespread adoption of the file-format everywhere.

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7 Tips To Get the Most Out Of PDF Expert for Mac

PDFs have fast become one of the most common file formats in use today. We see them everywhere — be it the statements that your bank emails you, the payment receipts that are generated online upon successful completion of a transaction, or even assignments that teachers and students work with. The PDF format is easy to use, reliable, and universal — it works great for sharing documents without having to worry about compatibility.

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