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The go-to PDF app for students

Ignite productivity and get “A+” studying with the go-to PDF app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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The go-to PDF app for students

Put the power of technology into studying

Taking notes and marking up the text as you read or during lectures helps you remember and understand things on a much deeper level.

Other PDF editors never allowed me to edit a PDF like PDF Expert.

– Ray, PHD student

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Sticky notes and highlights

You know those moments when your heart stops and you’re like “Ahaaa!” Highlight those moments, e.g. favorite quotes, things to remember, and insights, in PDFs.

Writing in the margins

It’s almost like a conversation with the author. Map your thoughts as you read or give feedback by typing something like “This is awesome,” “Should be changed” and so on.

Own the school year with these powerful tools

PDF editing

Page management

Split View mode

Modify existing text, update images, and insert links to create professional-looking documents.

Study smarter, not harder

Bring new opportunities for studying with PDF Expert. Learn faster, stay focused, and be less busy with the technology designed to enhance your educational experience!

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*Special educational offer