PDF Expert is the best tool for Apple products: Its features and tech charm

I can still recall the scent of a new package of my first MacBook Air and the sounds of viscous film removal. I was excited as a kid on Christmas morning while switching on my first laptop. It’s beautiful, it’s light and fast…

One of the good things about owning an Apple device is it’s not only stylish minimalist but also a golden ticket to entering an ecosystem. It’s like a magical world full of wonders, with the only difference – instead of fantastic beasts, there are great apps. 

Why does Apple have very high standards?

To me, it’s vital to know who’s standing behind the creature, so I delve into the story to understand the brand's philosophy.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, used to be a perfectionist who was always very demanding of himself and others. There was almost nothing Jobs liked, and he always wanted to see the perfect products.

It was common practice for Steve Jobs to fire people who did not deliver high performance. As a result, people realized that Apple was a place where everything the team did had to almost be ahead of their time with previously unimagined sleek minimalism, an easy interface, and signature simplicity.

When Apple made the first computer, Steve Jobs pushed people to make the inside as beautiful as the outside, even though they knew people would not take the laptop apart into small parts like a ‘Lego’ construction set. Or rather, he assumed that the percentage of such people was relatively low. 

Anyway, the company still stays true to its values and principles as “(1) understand and serve the customer better than anyone else, (2) forget about everything else, and (3) make sure every little thing you do serves (1), always and everywhere.”

But what does this have to do with PDF Expert? 

As someone who comes into daily contact with the PDF Expert team and knows the culture of excellence from the inside, I want to sing the product's praises. Imagine a girl singing, “PDF Expert is so beautiful, PDF Expert is so great! Look at these icons, look at these fronts”. However, an objective assessment requires a sober eye. So I will take my attachment out of the equation and honestly answer, is PDF Expert good for Apple products?

Let's work out what a product needs to be appreciated by Apple:

  • Goal-Driven Designs — that’s not only about the beautiful lines leading seamlessly to fonts, but that too, and also a pure understanding of what the designs need to achieve and for whom. 
  • Usability — Or desirability, which is the straightforward, widely known meaning for the word in narrow circles. If an app design is not desirable, users won’t use it. It’s a self-evident fact like two and two make four. Your app's interface should be accessible and user-friendly enough for novice users, but creative enough not to bore experienced users.
  • App to User Response– When the user completes or misses a task in the app, the app needs to respond to notify the user. The notification can be a simple sound/beep or a complex new-window prompt.

To be fair, we can put a plus for PDF Expert under each point. Instead of describing each feature from the stage (our how-to do's hat better than mine anyway), I'm going to resort to some non-typical methods — How about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes?

Let’s say you are an engineer…

PDF Expert is the only PDF editor for now that works with the WYSIWYG principle, What you see is what you get. The system allows seeing what the end result will look like while the interface or document is being created.

If you have a polygon whose edges need to be edited, you can drag your mouse or finger across the screen and see changes to the shape in real-time. Usually, editors don't provide this possibility. You can only see the result after releasing the mouse. And what you see may not be to your liking. With PDF Expert, you're ahead of the curve.

Let’s say you are into learning a foreign language…

In most cases, publishing houses provide access to an electronic version of the book together with the paper book, which in most cases is in PDF format. It might have seemed inconvenient a long time ago. PDF Expert has a Reading mode that hides a toolbar so that nothing can disturb you from reading, yet you can always come back to the Editing mode to fill in the space in after-reading tasks. 

By the way, a real smartie, OCR, identifies ten different languages, thus taking your cares of being lost in a dimension of thousands of pages…by a keyword, you will be transferred to the exact passage in the text. 

Let’s say you are drawing up contracts…

When official documents are leaked, information that the secret services would prefer people not to see comes to light. I am sure this has happened to most companies at least once. PDF Expert here is a friend, not an enemy: while cutting out pieces of information, be sure it will disappear forever. So the person you send the edited document to will not know which part of the text has been cut out or if it has been cut out. Safe and secure. 

Let’s say you are an architect…

In this case, in your mind, you scroll through ideas, trying to create something unusual that would all remain in history. You take that idea and transform it into a sketch. There you go, you have a lot of drawings and paintings on your iPad before getting what you see today. 

PDF Expert can identify the scale of 1:10. This is necessary for making calculations. Knowing the scale allows you to know the distance in the physical world. No other PDF software will do this.

Let's say you don't want anyone to open your file…

Come up with a password and protect your file from the public eyes. No one else will see what’s hidden, except hackers from Anonymous. Everyone is powerless in front of them 🙂

Three reasons why PDF Expert is best for Apple. 

As you can see from these examples, PDF Expert focuses on taking the intuitive and easy-to-use features of Apple devices and creating an experience that flows with not against it. PDF Expert harnesses the power of Apple products to let you multitask or complete complex tasks quickly. It uses features like the trackpads to tap, swipe, pinch or spread as you navigate a document. Simple experiences, every time. Lastly, you benefit from continuity as you can use PDF Expert on all your devices. One seamless experience. 

If you don’t have PDF Expert, find out more.

Vita Vypovska Vita Vypovska

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