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5 Steps how to combine PDF files on Mac

  1. Download PDF Expert for free.
  2. Open a PDF file or create a new one.
  3. Click the 'Thumbnails' icon in the upper toolbar.
  4. Select the 'Append file' option.
  5. Choose the file that you wish to combine.

Combining PDF files is one of the most essential functions when working with documents. Taking two or more PDF files and merging them into one single PDF is a basic task that many of us need to do in our day-to-day lives, such as accountants looking to combine multiple reports into a single file to email their clients, school teachers who want to combine multiple student assessments papers into a single file or Real Estate Agents who want to combine PDFs on the go when meeting clients.

Combine PDF documents

On the other hand, Combining PDF files becomes a critical part of the workflow for professional and small businesses like doctors and diagnostic laboratories who often combine multiple PDF files into one so that it becomes easy to send that data to their patients, or environmental researchers who need to merge a lot of statistical info from different sources into one PDF file.

So how to combine PDF files on Mac

Once you have downloaded the free 7-day trial of PDF Expert for Mac, there are several ways in which you can combine PDF files with minimal effort.

Let’s say you’ve already opened a PDF file. First, switch to the 'Thumbnails' mode by clicking the button located in the upper toolbar on the left. Alternatively, you can also press the ‘Cmd + 4’ shortcut to quickly toggle the ‘Thumbnails' mode.

Next, click on the ‘Append file’ button and select the file that you want to combine with this file. That’s it! PDF Expert will quickly and automatically combine the two PDF files into one.

List of PDF documents

PDF Expert makes it incredibly easy to combine PDF files on Mac. You don’t have to worry about manually copying text and images, or about losing your data. PDF Expert automatically and reliably handles everything for you.

There is another way PDF Expert can combine PDF files. If you open 2 two windows of PDF Expert side-by-side using the macOS Split View mode, you can drag and drop files from one window to the other. Piece of cake!

Drag & Drop PDF documents

Try PDF Expert for free to see what outstanding features it has out of the box!