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How to view PDFs on Mac

Looking for the best free PDF viewer for Mac? Trusted by millions of people and awarded by Apple, PDF Expert provides the best experience for reading PDFs.

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How to view PDFs on Mac

If you work with lots of PDF files, you need a fast and intuitive PDF reader for your Mac. With 12 years of experience in building the best in class PDF tools, we’ve designed PDF Expert, the go-to PDF app for your Mac. Our users love PDF Expert for its simple, modern, and intuitive design and smooth reading experience. 

Watch this short video to see PDF Expert in action!

The best thing is that all the viewing capabilities from this video are free. You can use PDF Expert as a PDF viewer without the subscription.

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How to view a PDF on Mac

Opening any PDF file is a breeze with PDF Expert. Here's how it works:

  1. Get PDF Expert for free.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Drag a PDF file into the app window. Alternatively, click File > Open at the top left of the screen.

Why PDF Expert is the best PDF viewer for Mac

Here are a few reasons to try PDF Expert as your go-to PDF reader:

  • Open large files in seconds – if you’re tired of slow and clunky PDF readers, you’ll be impressed with PDF Expert’s speed of work.
  • Use the two-page view – this is the most convenient way to enjoy magazines or books with lots of graphs and illustrations.
  • View PDFs side by side – the Split View in PDF Expert is handy for comparing two documents without jumping between them.
  • Turn on the dark theme – improve your reading experience at night with Dark or Sepia themes.
  • Navigate faster with outlines – jump between the chapters without endless scrolling.
  • Search like an expertsearch in multiple PDFs or even your highlights and comments.

Besides being a convenient Mac PDF reader, PDF Expert lets you do any task, from merging PDFs to signing and editing the text.

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