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There are multiple PDF readers on macOS that will easily open any PDF document. We examine a couple of them below. The most apparent one is Preview, the pre-installed application on your Mac. To view PDFs with Preview:

  1. Find your PDF document in Finder.
  2. Double click on it to open and view the document.


  1. Right click on the file > Open with > Preview.

However, you might need to do something more than open and view a PDF document. If that is the case, you should definitely try PDF Expert.

  1. Download PDF Expert for free.
  2. Open PDF Expert
  3. Drag and drop a PDF file to the marked space.

You’ve received a CV from a potential employee in PDF format or your prof has sent you an extremely useful article for your project, but you don’t have any PDF editor or viewer on your Mac. What to do? First of all, no panic! :-)

If you start googling for free pdf viewer for Mac, you’ll definitely find lots of varieties. However, please don’t rush to install, ‘cause it’s too easy to grab a misfit. The most obvious decision is to choose something well-known app like Adobe PDF viewer for Mac.

Why not expand your horizon? Imagine you start working with Adobe PDF viewer on your Mac, and you need to edit the info in your tax return. It’s not possible in the free version of this app. If you don’t want others to see your document or agreement’s details, (oops!) you have to pay monthly for this function. Basically, you get a viewer for free, and then your credit card is billed for the more useful functions. If this hasn’t happened to you, then probably you are one of the several hundred thousands users of PDF Expert, or will become one shortly.

How to view PDFs

PDF Expert is far more than a simple PDF viewer for Mac OS X. When you get the app, you receive the whole meal deal right out of the box from viewing and editing PDFs to redacting, printing, adding and many more extras.

Mac Book Pro Touch bar

Viewing PDF files using PDF Expert is amazing. There are couple steps to take. After you’ve downloaded a free trial of the app, open it. Drag and drop a PDF file to the marked space on the home screen of PDF Expert. That’s it! There are other ways to open files within PDF Expert, and you can find them in the post "How to open PDF file on Mac".

Sometimes, your PDF file has attachments. It might be a project paper with audio files in it or a simple portfolio. Using PDF Expert you will always find them on the side bar.

PDF Attachments

What if you have to work with two documents simultaneously? Handy Split View Mode is vital when it comes to comparing agreements or translating text. PDF Expert allows you to work in two viewing modes: horizontal and vertical. Pick the one you like to do your best work.

Split view PDF

What about file security?

We’ve previously mentioned that hiding sensitive material is an important function. It is perfectly carried out by PDF Expert. You only need to click on the 'File' menu, select 'Set password' option and finally enter and verify your password. One more small though nice feature is that it’s not possible to preview a locked file without your password making all your private documents, financial statements, agreements, company strategies safe and secure.

Enjoy working with PDF Expert! Get your free trial or buy PDF Expert right now!