6 small productivity steps to win your day

The heading sounds simple, but is it really possible? Well, according to the New York Times, to make a difference in the world, think small

Getting more done depends on thinking small. The thing is, the globalized world, which is constantly multiplying meanings and signs, demands quick reactions. But to reach a healthy level of productivity, you need to zero in on how you do it, not on how much you do it. Find one small thing you can do better, focus on doing that for a week, then repeat that process. 

Simple, right? But how do you do that when your morning is a blur of calls with colleagues and clients? When your desk is full of to-do lists, post-it notes, and doodles. When you have bottles of water, pens, plants, half-eaten snacks, and your phone on a desk all competing for space on a desk, that is never quite big enough. At this point, thinking small sounds like an excuse not to deal with the clutter and chaos of the modern workspace. 

This is my advice. Take an app like PDF Expert, designed to make you more productive, and use it to actively improve a task. I found six tasks I could get better at. 


Working in a creative department, I need to make sure my projects will come to life and will get all the approvals. The Finance team will help me with invoices, budget approvals, forecasts, and contracts. The documents are mostly the same with slight variations of some important information. I then contact my colleagues to collect signatures to get the funds approved. It's repetitive and exhausting. But with PDF Expert, I send one email, and we all fill in and sign in a flash. I’ve taken a series of small tasks and made them easier to complete with a few digital swipes and clicks. 


As a creative writer, I should have an excellent eye for details, but remember that reference to my chaotic desk. Well, it sometimes makes for a cluttered mind, and occasionally, mistakes happen. I find an error in a contract, maybe I need to fix a typo or add that missing logo or watermark. Those small amends can be frequent and bothersome to correct. PDF Expert allows me to edit, rotate, delete or add instantly. Another set of small tasks has been conquered with ease. 


With the Split view, I’ve taken my multitasking game to the next level. It saves me the time and confusion of going back and forth from one document to compare files. Now I can work with documents side by side effortlessly. 


Working with colleagues to collaborate on a document isn’t a small task. It’s huge and super important. But getting a document into a format where we could do that directly was repetitive as you worked with different formats and files. Not with PDF Expert. It gives us a single canvas to share ideas and annotate easily. Whenever we start a new project, we create a shared Google Drive folder, upload all necessary files, and edit them directly there. In PDF Expert, sync folders are a great way to get this process going. Working as a team was always the goal, we can just get there quicker now. 


Once upon a time, PDF formats were considered uncomfortable to work with because the fixed layout meant that documents designed for desktops or printing would be extremely awkward to use on mobile devices. You were constantly ‘pinching and zooming to make it readable, particularly on mobile. PDF Expert is designed to look as beautiful and be functional on a mobile device as on a Mac. So no more switching between devices to review or edit a document. It's another small but powerful advantage. 

All in one

Do you have several documents to send to someone? Most email or messenger platforms limit the number of attached files. With PDF Expert, you can merge several documents into one convenient PDF file. I used to spend my days doing this, but now it’s a breeze. 

Make this the day you tackle those small tasks and turn them into small wins. If you don’t have PDF Expert, yet then you can find out more and thank me later 😉

Vita Vypovska Vita Vypovska

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