Rev up your productivity with these 3 Apple features in PDF Expert

Everyone has their own unique approach to working with documents. However, through PDF Expert we strive to provide each user with the tools they need to make their daily tasks even easier and hopefully more fun along the way. 

Your work is challenging enough - so we are on a mission to make it more enjoyable so you can create professional-looking PDFs, streamline processes, and breeze through hundreds of pages while all the time feeling inspired and creative along the way. Adopting the latest and greatest features from Apple is one way we elevate your PDF editing experience and empower you to become a PDF expert.

Let’s take a closer look at how we’ve incorporated Stage Manager, Live Text, and the Lock Screen widget into PDF Expert to make your daily routines easier whether that's studying, researching or simply executing daily work-related tasks.

Stack multiple apps and docs in a single view with Stage Manager 


The big challenge for our users has always been reviewing and combining lots of data from numerous sources. Add a fast-approaching deadline and a need to switch between browser, PDF editor, and paper documents, - and you have a stress cocktail. 

One of the coolest recent Apple Features - iPadOS 16 Stage Manager, - provides a perfect solution for multitasking and switching between apps and windows on an iPad. PDF Expert uses Stage Manager to stack different window sizes in a single view. You can drag and drop windows from the side, resize windows to look the way you want, tap to switch between apps, and more.

This feature allows you to be as efficient and fast with PDF editing on your iPad, as you would be on your Mac, and have a decluttered desktop with only those apps and docs you need to focus on. Perfect for the research process, isn’t it? 

We see the Stage Manager as an efficiency booster, allowing you to save time by streamlining the research process with multiple components. Here are some practical examples of how Stage Manager in PDF Expert can help you with research-related projects:

  • Teachers can breeze between several PDFs side-by-side and collect information from documents, apps, or websites while preparing for a lecture or seminar.
  • Create an expanded workspace: connect your iPad to an external display to arrange an ideal workspace. For example, you can open a book or article in PDF Expert on an external display while taking notes from this PDF on your iPad.
  • Become better organized by creating detailed lists, notes, and schedules that can help to keep track of your research activities. 
  • Sales managers can create a group of apps for different tasks or projects, and easily access them all in one place. For example, group Notes, Downloads, and PDF Expert together for all their sales materials PDF creation projects. 
  • Enjoy a Mac-like PDF editing experience on the go, whether it be the last edits to the project that’s due today or fact-checking using several sources at once.

Pull text from images and add it to PDFs with Live text 

Even though we live in a digital age, studying and working processes still rely heavily on paper documents, handouts, and notes. It can be extremely frustrating to manually reenter the text from a scanned handout or photo of the invoice. The Live Text feature support in the PDF Expert allows users to instantly interact with any text on images, scans, and videos, making the process faster and more efficient. 

This feature saves much-needed time as you can extract text from images or scans of documents, rather than manually having to type out the information - particularly useful when working with large amounts of data. Also once the text has been extracted it can be quickly and easily searched for using the iPad's search function rather than manually searching through a document or book. 

Live Text support allows you to open scanned documents in PDF Expert and interact with texts, edit, and translate it. You can also:

  • Call or message phone numbers or save them to contacts.
  • Open websites right from scan/image/video, instead of typing the URL in manually.
  • Convert currencies.
  • Send emails to email addresses on images.
  • Search the web for any word from an image. 
  • Recognize text from a photo of the textbook from your photo gallery and add this text to the lecture materials PDF. 

Live text is especially helpful for researchers who work with complex data, as it can be extracted from the source and digitilized accurately. Later, you can add annotations and highlights to this extracted text in the PDF doc, which can help emphasize important sections or add commentary or insights.

Access important documents fast through Lock Screen widgets

We couldn’t ignore one of the most popular and beloved features - Lock Screen widgets. On iOS 16, PDF Expert lets you add widgets to your Lock Screen to quickly access desired PDF files without unlocking your iPhone. We've also added widgets for quick actions like scanning a paper or connecting to your Mac right from the Lock Screen.

Here is the list of PDF Expert’s supported widgets you can add to your Lock Screen:

  • Scan — launch the built-in scanner in PDF Expert.
  • Computer — connect your iPhone to a computer and seamlessly transfer files between them.
  • My Files — quickly access a folder with all your PDF files.
  • Recents — jump to the latest PDFs you worked with.
  • Favorites — open your favorite PDF documents.
  • Music — access the audio player in the app.

Students and professionals who often work with particular PDF files can now access them faster with “Recents” and “Favorites” widgets. This is a time saver for those who have lots of files in the app. For example, students preparing for an exam may add a folder with all the materials on a particular subject to “Favorites” to keep it at hand. Now, they can quickly revisit the materials wherever they are and feel more confident in their studies. 

Also, frequent travelers can keep all their tickets and bookings in “Favorites” to be able to quickly present them, without digging into their iPhones. 

Construction workers can have a “Scan” widget to quickly scan papers while being on the site and then find them in "Recent" docs or use the “Computer” widget to upload them from an iPhone to Mac. 

Lock Screen Widgets in PDF Expert help to securely store your valuable information while also ensuring quick access to it. This is critical for those working with lots of documents and data on the go. 

Final Thoughts

At PDF Expert, we're committed to supporting all the latest Apple technologies, so our customers can enjoy the maximum capabilities of our products on their devices. Once people update their iOS, they expect apps to work with the latest Apple novelties, and we want to deliver on that promise. 

Adopting features like Lock Screen widgets, Live Text and Stage Manager can make studying, researching, and working more productive and enjoyable. 

As always, we are open to feedback and suggestions - please contact the team at 

If you haven’t tried the PDF Expert app yet, download the go-to PDF app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad and elevate your workflows with all kinds of documents.

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