NEW: Sidecar and Continuity Camera are now supported in PDF Expert

We understand the time and effort you invest in managing PDFs, be it penning down a Ph.D. thesis, developing engaging lecture materials, taking notes, drafting music concert plans, or composing lengthy legal contracts. So to make the PDF experience more productive, enjoyable, and easier to use we've adopted more Apple features that you know and love to create an outstanding user experience that will enhance the way you approach your PDF projects!

Let’s take a closer look at how the latest additions will be music to Apple users' ears.

Extend your workstation with Sidecarpdf_expert_sidecar_feature

Ever experienced the frustration of limited screen space when working with complex PDF documents on your Mac? Well if you have then we have no doubt that Sidecar will be a welcome addition to your PDF editing experience.  You will now be able to use iPad in landscape orientation as a second display for your Mac. This effectively acts as an extension of your desktop by showing different apps or windows on your iPad or instead making it show the same ones you see on your Mac. If you have an iPad and a compatible MacBook, you can even set up a dual-screen office on the go.

This addition will particularly benefit professionals who regularly compare documents side by side; and also students and writers who need to reference PDF documents while working on their writing projects and assignments.

Use it in PDF Expert for:  

  • Working with large PDF documents that require a lot of screen space.
  • Working with several PDFs simultaneously if researching or combining PDFs.
  • Navigating and interacting with PDF documents, using touchscreen functionality. 
  • Working on PDF documents while on the go as you can now use your iPad as a portable second display so you can work wherever you are.
  • Playing a video on one screen and taking notes in your PDF on another one.
  • Using iPad with Apple Pencil instead of Wacom tablets/graphics tablets for working on drawings in PDFs.

To learn more about activating and using Sidecar with PDF Expert, check out our Help Center article.

Simplify document scanning with Continuity Camera


With Continuity Camera you can basically turn your iPhone into a webcam for your Mac which is a real game-changer for online presentations. For anyone who works a lot with paper documents and needs to make digital copies for editing or sharing purposes, this can address a lot of common frustrations. Not only will it save time when scanning and editing multi-page PDF documents, but it will also improve the accuracy of the scan and reduce errors.

This new addition will be particularly useful to anyone who needs to add images to PDF documents or scan and digitize documents. Whether you are a sales professional capturing receipts, a teacher adding illustrations to course material, or a researcher who needs to capture images of research papers, books, or other documents and quickly add them to their PDF documents on their Mac, Continuity Camera can be a very useful tool for simplifying your PDF editing experience. 

Use it in PDF Expert for: 

  • Creating greater flexibility when presenting through PDF Expert with features like Center Stage and Desk View as it also supports higher-quality video footage.
  • Taking photos of handwritten pages or drawings with an iPad camera and editing them on your Mac or presenting them to the audience immediately.
  • Importing images, such as receipts, photographs, screenshots, or hand-drawn designs for inclusion in a PDF document or expense request form.
  • Taking photos of student's work with an iPad camera and showing it to the class on a big screen to discuss the work and give feedback.

More fun and greater precision with Apple Pencil hover


Adding this to the PDF Expert experience provides a completely new level of interaction for our users and should also make the experience more fun. Like all features, we've carefully followed Apple’s guidelines and recommendations to ensure we’re delivering the best user experience possible. 

Now if you are using an Apple Pencil it will be detected up to 12 mm above the display, allowing you to see a preview of the mark before making it. You can also move the pointer over something on the screen — for example, text, a menu item, or a button, and it will display additional action options. For the artists, designers, or architects among you hover support will enable you to sketch with much greater precision and provide greater control when using our sketch, annotation or draw features on documents.  

This feature will benefit students, researchers, designers, architects, and engineers in particular, or anyone who needs to engage in precise and accurate PDF editing activities, whether it's for study, work, or creative purposes.

You can now use it in PDF Expert for:

  • Making precise updates and adjustments to digital sketches, wireframes, and other design documents.
  • More intuitive navigation inside the app, as you can hover over buttons and links to see additional options.
  • Trying entirely new marking and drawing experiences, as the app reacts more to the Apple Pencil movement.
  • Annotating studying materials, blueprints, or designs with more efficiency and exactitude.
  • Navigating using your mouse, trackpads, and the highly anticipated Apple Pencil with M2 iPad.

Igniting productivity one feature at a time

At PDF Expert, we're committed to supporting all the latest Apple technologies, so we're providing customers with the best PDF editing user experience on the market. With the addition of Sidecar, Continuity Camera, and Apple Pencil Hover, we are confident that we're providing a more efficient and intuitive way to create and edit documents and we're super excited to see how these features will help you achieve your goals!

If you are interested in exploring some of the other Apple features we've supported recently within PDF Expert, check out this blog post about Stage Manager, Live Text, and the Lock Screen widget. 

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