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One PDF Expert avid user, a Ph.D. student from Germany, recently shared with us that he usually opens and reads through from 10 to 15 PDF files a day. That’s a huge mental load by itself, not to mention the work that goes into managing these files: saving docs from email or messenger, opening them in PDF Expert, renaming if needed, sorting files into folders, etc. With the endless flow of information from different sources and platforms, it can become overwhelming to deal with and it takes precious time away from important tasks.

In our ongoing quest to make PDF file management easier, we're launching our new Inbox feature with extended action. For those of you asking 'What's that?' Inbox is a centralized folder that sits within the My Files tab and allows you to capture, organize and manage all new files, added from other apps, all in one place. This way, when you download a file from a browser, email, or Messenger to PDF Expert, it will be automatically saved to the Inbox folder.

The extended actions feature is new relevant action suggestions in the file menu. They will appear when you open a file and tap on the file menu. These actions are tailored to the file type and help you to streamline your workflow. 

Before, when new files were added to PDF Expert from different sources they were uploaded into the root folder which if unattended, could be a mess, and made it time-consuming to navigate, find and share needed files. By creating an Inbox folder with the extended actions we want you to make more of your time, 'Get Things Done' and ultimately lighten the mental load. 

Stay in control of your docs with Inbox 


With the introduction of an Inbox folder, it will make it easier for you to establish better habits on file management. Now, with the new Inbox, you can:

  • Capture files in one place regardless of whether they are downloaded from a browser, email, or Messenger. 
  • Organise files with ease: sort important files into folders to keep them organized and get rid of the rest.
  • Find your recent files faster. Inbox sorts your files by date added, enabling quick access and easier navigation.

Important note: Please notice that files will be added to the Inbox folder only when you add them from other apps or cloud services through the Apple sharing feature. However, when you tap on the ‘+’ button inside the PDF Expert app to add a new file, this file will be added to the exact folder where you are adding it (e.g. when you tap on the ‘+’ button inside ‘My Files’, the file will be added to ‘My Files’, not the Inbox). 

Streamline your workflows with extended actions


We’ve also updated the file menu with more relevant action suggestions. When you either tap the three dots near the file when viewing files in the folder or open the file and tap on the three points in the upper right corner of the screen, the file menu will open where you can choose one of the extended actions. These actions are tailored to the file type and help you to jump right to the next step of your workflow. For example, when you open an image, in extended actions you see ‘Convert to PDF’ or ‘Save to Photos’, as those are the most often actions for images; when you open a PDF, you can reduce its size or set password, etc. 

Here is the full list of file types and extended actions:

  • Images (JPG, PNG): Convert to PDF, markup photos and images, and save to Photos or print.
  • PDFs: Reduce file size, set password, edit or sign PDF. 
  • Word, PPT, Excel: convert to PDF, print.

These file-type tailored features are shown at the top of the list, enabling you to navigate the app faster and easier.

The ‘Open In’ extension has also been updated. Right now, depending on which file type is selected for Share > Open in PDF Expert, PDF Expert will suggest the most common actions for this file type.

Go ahead and try the new streamlined document workflow on your iPhone or if you haven't downloaded PDF Expert yet then check it out in the App Store. If you want to step up your file management game even more, we recommend these blog posts:

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