Introducing the new PDF Expert 6

Meet the all-new PDF Expert for iPhone and iPad providing the best PDF experience for mobile.

Now, you can edit PDF text and images, add links, work directly from the cloud without downloading files and much more. All this is wrapped up in a new, slick design that takes your experience to the next level.

New PDF editor: edit PDF text, images and links.

PDF files are not designed to be editable, but there are many situations when they have to be modified: update your CV or presentation slides with relevant information, change the address or company logo in an invoice.

The all-new PDF Expert 6 allows you to change PDF text and images. This unique function makes it a snap to edit PDFs as if they are text notes.

Edit PDF text

Whether it's and invoice, contract or a research paper, its content can be edited in seconds with PDF Expert. Just like a text note.

Add and edit images

Now, you can super easily add a new photo to your CV, update slides in your presentation or change the company logo in an invoice.

Link text to web or pages

Moreover, link text or images to web or PDF pages to provide more information, yet keep the document tidy.

Hide sensitive information using the Redact feature

Big brother is watching you. Or, he doesn't. Anyway, hide your sensitive data like credit cards, social security numbers, email etc. with a super handy Redact feature.

No one will be able to see then what's hidden there. Even you.

New Design to Manage files with fewer taps

Not only is PDF Expert an amazing PDF editor, but it also serves as a great file manager storing and organizing all your files both online and locally.

More actions in fewer taps

You use fewer taps to edit, zip, tag, move or sync files. Bigger file preview thumbnails give you a better idea of the content of that Excel spreadsheet or PPT presentation.

Add new files at warp speed

PDF Expert 6 has a prominent "+" button that allows you to import files, be they documents from your computer, Dropbox, or any other source, in a jiffy.

Adding new files has just got easier

Work in the cloud

With PDF Expert 6 you can work on the fly in the cloud. If you want to edit, annotate or sign a document in Dropbox, connect via PDF Expert, make the changes and hit "Done.' All edits will be saved. You don't have to download the whole file to your device.

Wait, there's more!

🔑 Protect PDFs with a password

You can protect specific PDFs that contain sensitive data with a password.

🔎 Quicker search through the content

Finding a word or a document is super easy since you can search through multiple documents and file types, like *.doc, *.xls, *.mp3 etc.

📚 Create and edit Outlines for better navigation

Outlines are great when you are working on a huge document to structure your data (think: a court case for lawyers or research for PhDs).

Wrapping it up

PDF Expert 6 comes as a free update for all existing users, and the editing function is available as an additional, in-app purchase for $9.99.

The Readdle team has been working diligently on this for over a year to give you the best PDF experience on your iPhone and iPad. We truly hope that you will enjoy the new version. Get it on on the AppStore right now!

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