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PDF Expert gets even faster and easier with iOS 16 — Lock Screen Widgets, Live Text and Stage Manager

The power of PDF Expert is enhanced with Apple’s iOS 16 technology, making your Apple devices more capable and faster to use. The new PDF Expert features powered by iOS 16 make it easier and more convenient to access all the tools you need.

At Readdle we are dedicated to innovating with the latest technologies and want to make your life better with the go-to PDF editor for iPhone, iPad and Mac. We’re excited to share the new tools that will ignite your productivity through PDF Expert.

Lock Screen Widgets

Get quick access from your iPhone lock screen to your audio player and most recent files or favorite files. Some of the functionality of iOS 16 updates are:

  • Create a “Travel” folder in PDF Expert and put all your transport tickets, hotel bookings and other traveling PDFs into that folder. With the “Favorites” widget in one tap you’ll be able access this folder from the lock screen of your iPhone.
  • You might have a recorded lecture to go along with a presentation or handout. With your resources at hand, jump straight into your audio player and enhance your study by revisiting additional information from your lecturer.
  • With so many devices and work environments to juggle, syncing to your devices for file transfer has never been easier, now in just one tap. 

Live Text for Images & Videos

With Apple Live Text you can engage with embedded text from multiple file types, to copy, share, call phone numbers, visit websites and translate between languages.

  • Students working with scans of handouts can open the documents in PDF Expert and with Live Text interact with the embedded text: copy, follow the link, translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and much more. In one click you can even call phone numbers or visit websites.

Stage Manager for iPad (Coming Soon)

PDF Expert uses the iPadOS 16 Stage Manager to stack different window sizes in a single view. You can drag and drop windows from the side, or open apps from the Dock to create groups of apps for faster, more flexible multitasking. 

  • Open several PDFs side-by-side and collect information from documents, apps or websites, while preparing for a lecture or seminar.
  • Stage Manager also unlocks full external display support with resolutions of up to 6K, so you can arrange the ideal workspace, and work with up to four apps on iPad and four apps on the external display.

PDF Expert How-tos

Live Text for Images & Videos

  • Open an image or pause a video that contains text.
  • Tap on the ‘Live text’ icon in the right bottom corner of the image.
  • Interact with text using standard iOS capabilities such as Copy, Look up, etc.

Feature Widgets on Lock Screen

  • Enter the customization mode by long pressing on a blank area of the home screen of your device.
  • Tap the (+ ADD WIDGETS) section to open the widgets gallery.
  • Scroll down to find the PDF Expert app.
  • Select the widget you like and tap to add it to the widget section.
  • Drag the widgets to reorder.

Stage Manager for iPad

  • Pull your finger down from the top right of the screen to bring up the Control Center.
  • Tap the Stage Manager icon to activate.
  • Drag and drop windows from the side to reorganize your screens.
  • Resize your screens by touching and dragging the bottom left-hand corner.

Download PDF Expert and enjoy powerful PDF!

The Readdle Team The Readdle Team

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