Joyful iOS 17 updates: Shortcuts, emojis, and more…

With the advent of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, we're keen to adopt the new possibilities they bring. As always, our aim with bringing iOS 17 updates to PDF Expert is to simplify PDF usage and boost productivity for all kinds of PDF tasks. Whether you are just reading a new Donna Tartt book or editing a hundred-page contract, we want your PDF experience to be delightful, and the iOS 17 updates help us deliver it. 

This update will allow you to work with documents more intuitively, streamline everyday workflows, simplify multitasking on iPads, and add fun to interacting with PDFs. Here's a brief overview of the updates we'll be introducing:

  • iOS Shortcuts - both iOS and iPadOS
  • File drop-to-app icon in the Dock - iPadOS 
  • Stickers and emojis support - both iOS and iPadOS
  • Stage Manager improvements - iPadOS 

Let’s dive deeper into each one and see how you can use these iOS 17 updates in your daily routines:

Jump right into action with spotlight shortcuts (iOS and iPadOS)


With the updated Shortcuts support, you can quickly access PDF Expert key actions like Convert to PDF or Merge Files from the Shortcut app or Spotlight search. This means every time you want to compress a PDF file or scan a PDF, you don’t need to open PDF Expert app and look for these features in the navigation tab - instead, you can just start typing the desired action name in the Spotlight search, see PDF Expert’s shortcut as the top hit, go to this specific action in PDF Expert and perform it right away. 

We are particularly excited about this update, as it makes Shortcuts much more intuitive and easier to use, saves time on navigating apps and menus, and becomes more productive with day-to-day tasks. Now, you will have instant access to key PDF actions and a new level of document management efficiency - when you are on the go with just your iPhone and iPad. 

You can now use 5 PDF Expert shortcuts:

  • Convert to PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Merge files
  • Sign PDF
  • Scan into PDF

Shortcuts are available through the Shortcuts app, Spotlight search, or ‘Talk to Siri.’ When you open PDF Expert and ask Siri, 'What can I do here?', you will get the list of shortcuts as a suggestion.

Hot Productivity Tip: Save Word, JPG, and Excel documents as PDFs by easily converting them to PDF format using the ‘Convert to PDF’ shortcut. Have all your essential documents as PDFs at hand across all devices. 

Add emojis and stickers to your PDFs (iOS and iPadOS)


We know you’ve been dreaming about putting a confused smiley face emoji on your colleague’s draft PDF. Now you can! Use your favorite system emojis and stickers in PDF documents within PDF Expert as stamps. Express your emotions, add a bit of fun, and personalize your PDFs!

Use the keyboard picker to add new stickers and emojis in PDF Expert.  

Hot Productivity Tip: Develop your own stamp system to categorize documents using iOS emojis and stickers. Learn how our user, a Ph.D. candidate from Canada, uses stamps and annotations to read and categorize numerous papers and speed up his research. 

Drag and drop files to the app icon (iOS and iPadOS)


With this iOS 17 update, you can effortlessly add files to PDF Expert by dragging and dropping them onto the app icon. This intuitive functionality will save you time and provide a smoother workflow for all your document needs. The formats you can drop include not only PDFs but also images (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF), TXT, RTF, HTML, DOCX, XLS, PPTX, Pages, KEY, Numbers, source code files, archive, audio and video files.

This file drop update will take your efficiency to the next level, providing a quicker and more intuitive way to manage files and perform actions. Instead of navigating through folders or using multiple taps, you can directly drop files onto relevant apps for processing or organization.

How to drop the file into the PDF Expert on iPhone or iPad:

  1. When selecting a file to move, just touch and hold the item until it lifts up.
  2. Drag the item over the app to open it.

Hot Productivity Tip: Use file drop to streamline your routine tasks, like saving all screenshots you made during the day to the folders in PDF Expert. 

Take the stage with seamless inter-app communication (iPad)

With the previous adoption of the Stage Manager, our goal was to provide PDF Expert users with faster PDF editing and an efficient multitasking environment on the iPad. 

The new improvement in Stage Manager for iPadOS 17 brings new capabilities for inter-app communication. With this enhancement, PDF Expert will help you exchange information between apps better than ever, rearranging and organizing open applications and adjusting the workspace layout according to your needs. 

Hot Productivity Tip: Connect your iPad to an external display to create an ideal workspace. For example, you can open a book or article in PDF Expert on an external display while taking notes from this PDF on your iPad.

Go ahead and try all these iOS 17 features on your iPhone and iPad, and share your feedback with us! Meanwhile, we are working on more exciting updates coming your way soon - stay tuned. 

Also, check out our updates for all other Readdle apps: Spark, Documents, Scanner Pro, and Calendars. 

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