PDF Expert wins accolades from the global press

A few days ago, we launched the all-new PDF Expert for Mac — a massive release that introduces a host of new features such as a new design, smart OCR technology, PDF to office documents conversion capabilities, and so much more. We’re delighted to ship some of the most requested features in this release. These updates mean that PDF Expert firmly entrenches its position as the go-to PDF app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

But don’t just take our word for it, we’ll let the experts do the talking instead. Over the past few days, PDF Expert has won several accolades from various members of the press. Here’s what they had to say:

John Vorhees of MacStories praised the new design & UI changes and noted:

“The effect of the changes is excellent. As someone who works in dark mode most of the time, I appreciate its addition. Even if I’m working on a predominantly white PDF, the dark UI chrome of PDF Expert’s update helps me focus on the document instead of the app,”

About the new smart OCR feature, he says, “I tried the new OCR feature with a variety of scanned PDFs, and the results were good. There were some mistakes in low-resolution receipts, but the vast majority of the text was correctly recognized, and any errors were easy to fix.” and adds, “With a little tweaking, PDF Expert’s scanning tools help get the best OCR results and make your documents easier to read.”

Oliver Haslam, writing for iMore, says:

“One of the Mac's best PDF editors is now better than ever.”

Over at TheSweetBits, there’s a lovely review of PDF Expert waiting to be read:

“In my opinion, this upgrade has made PDF Expert the best PDF editor out there. In particular, the addition of OCR support, Smart Enhance, and Dark Mode are fantastic.”

9to5Mac’s Michael Potluck has a great overview of this newest release and highlights the Smart Enhance feature of PDF Expert that helps you fix distortions, remove shadows, and improve the contrast in PDF files.

At MacSources, Robyn Oglesby has given a stellar 97% rating for PDF Expert, and says,

“PDF Expert has always been a winner for me, but these newest features really make it a 'gold' standard in my book. Readdle has changed their pricing model for the app so that users can get all three versions - Mac, iPhone, and iPad - for one price. The new features are outstanding and any fans of PDF Expert won't be disappointed when they dig into the updated app.”

Talking about this update, TechUnwrapped calls PDF Expert as “undoubtedly” the “most powerful and popular” PDF editor with some “very interesting improvements.”

Meanwhile, Apple World Today’s Dennis Sellers talked about PDF Expert’s ability to convert PDF files to and from various document formats, including Word, Excel & Powerpoint.

And just in case reading isn’t your thing, you should definitely listen to the episode #933 of the Mac Geek Gab podcast where Dave Hamilton sings praises for PDF Expert and how its amazing set of features made him switch away from his janky old PDF app in minutes. Music to our ears, Dave!

Global Praise

PDF Expert is loved by over 6 million people from around the world and the accolades it is winning aren’t just limited to English. Here’s what the press had to say in other languages:






Brazilian Portuguese:


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