PDF Expert Gets Reading Mode to Help You Enjoy Books on Your iPhone

Reading PDF books from a small iPhone screen might be painful. Instead of focusing on the content, you end up with constant zooming and horizontal scrolling. Yet, you often need to go through a PDF file while using your iPhone. You may want to dive into your favorite novel while standing in a queue in a supermarket or review a chapter from your Math textbook while you’re away from a computer.

That’s why PDF Expert brings the new Reading Mode to improve your reading experience. This is the most convenient way to enjoy PDF books, magazines, and articles on your iPhone.

At Readdle, we have 12 years of PDF experience, so we know how to get it right. Back in 2008, we created ReaddleDocs, one of the first apps on the App Store which made it possible to read books on iPhones. Now, we’re advancing further and stick to our goal of creating the ultimate PDF experience on mobile.

Update PDF Expert now, and let’s see how to use Reading Mode!

How it works

Reading Mode adjusts the PDF text to perfectly fit your iPhone screen. Let’s say you want to read a two-column PDF article with lots of illustrations. When you view this PDF as it is, the text is too small, so you have to constantly zoom and scroll the page to be able to read it. This is pretty distracting and time-consuming. That’s where the Reading Mode comes to rescue.

Once you’ve opened a PDF file, tap the icon at the bottom right. PDF Expert presents your content as a single column, providing a truly remarkable reading experience on your iPhone. 

Our engineering team has been working over a year to make sure the content looks amazing and is easy to digest, so you can focus on it without any distractions. PDF Expert is smart, so even the books with lots of illustrations, tables, and formulas perfectly adapt to your iPhone screen.

Reading Mode works like a convenient temporary view for your file inside PDF Expert, while the document itself remains intact. Once you exit Reading Mode, your PDF looks like it did before, so you can save it to other apps or share it with someone.

Adjust the font size, brightness, and theme

We all have different preferences when it comes to consuming texts. People with poor eyesight require larger fonts for comfortable reading while others may want more content to fit on the screen. That’s why PDF Expert adapts to your needs to make sure you have a pleasant experience.

Once you’ve entered Reading Mode, tap the View Settings icon at the top. Here, you can change the font size, adjust the brightness, and crop headers and footers. If you prefer reading at night, PDF Expert provides you with Night and Sepia themes. You can also make the app automatically switch between the light and dark appearance depending on your system settings. 

Easily navigate your books

From Reading Mode, you have one-tap access to the document’s table of contents and bookmarks. This helps you conveniently navigate your book and quickly find the things you considered important. 

Just tapand switch between the Outlines and Bookmarks tabs. You can also search through your bookmarks for faster navigation.

Our team is also working on the option to view highlights, underlines, text comments and other annotations right in a document while you’re in Reading Mode. Stay tuned and follow the future updates!

Reading Mode comes as part of the optional PRO subscription which also includes numerous advanced features like text editing, merging files, compression, and more. While switching to the subscription last year, we have committed to shipping remarkable updates on an ongoing basis, and Reading Mode is one of them. If you’ve already subscribed to PDF Expert 7, you can enjoy this feature right away. 

For those of you who previously had PDF Expert 6, Reading Mode is also available for free.

Our team is eager to hear your feedback on Reading Mode, so feel free to share your thoughts at or just comment on this post.

Get PDF Expert and let us know what you think!

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