Nicholas on how PDF Expert speeds up his behavioral economics research

Nicholas* is currently wrapping up his Ph.D. studies in behavioral economics, and most of his job lies in researching people's behavior, in particular how their attitudes and preferences shape their decisions. He conducts online and offline research to explore decision-making theories, and this naturally involves reading and writing academic papers as well as handling other PDF documents. On a given day, he reads up to 15 PDFs, switching quickly between them and jumping from one document part to another, therefore, a reliable PDF reader is not just a preference but a necessity for Nicholas.

Apart from reading, annotating, and bookmarking PDFs, Nicholas also takes advantage of PDF Expert to edit documents, redact personal information from invoices he shares with the financial department, and present files through a projector in his classes. 

So, why is PDF Expert such an indispensable part of Nicholas’s daily routine? Here are his top three reasons. 

“PDF Expert’s reader convinced me to switch from Windows to Apple”

When Nicholas was a student, he was predominantly a Windows user, but he couldn't find a good enough PDF reader to support his academic needs. Scrolling was important for his work, as he went through lots of PDFs daily and most apps had “nightmare scrolling” that Nicholas didn’t like.

PDF Expert was one of the three apps (along with PDF library software) that inspired him to switch to the Apple ecosystem. No other PDF reading solution had the same combination of quality, UI, and features. For the last 7 years, Nicholas has enjoyed using PDF Expert across all Apple devices. 

“Smooth scrolling and split view have supercharged my research”


Nicholas has a library of over 5,000 academic papers and daily works with 10-15 of them. As a result, PDF Expert has become an essential part of his daily work not just because it makes reading and researching so much faster and easier but because it also unlocks other key benefits such as:

  1. Seamless opening and scrolling, and easy navigation that is crucial when scanning for information and going through dozens of documents daily;
  2. Split screen for cross-referencing when working on the PDF text and jumping between the current page and the appendix page;
  3. Adding highlights and comments to the text and later using these annotations for research. 

“I start reading PDF on iPhone and continue working on it on my Mac"

pdf_expert_iphone_mac_filesWhile Nicholas reads PDFs constantly on ALL of his Apple devices the interoperability of PDF Expert provides him to tailor his experience to use different devices for different types of tasks such as:

  • PDF Expert on iPhone is perfect for reading or finding something quickly on the go.
  • PDF Expert on iPad enables more dedicated reading with a stylus, allowing him to highlight parts of the text, and make notes in tandem.
  • PDF Expert on Mac provides the perfect platform for editing PDFs in the office, where he has access to larger screens, easy editing tools, and keyboard shortcuts.  

Nicholas enjoys the smooth user experience across all devices: he can open a PDF on his Mac and continue reading on his iPad or iPhone when he is on the go. Or the other way around: Nicholas uses his iPhone to capture ideas for new projects when he is away from the office, so he can find and read a specific text from his files and later start working on it when he is at his desk with his Mac. He is using iCloud to save all his files and access them from anywhere. 

“PDF Expert comes in handy whenever I need to open a PDF,” says Nicholas, “I enjoy the smooth user experience, that I can open it on my Mac and continue reading on iPad or iPhone - and that helps a lot to manage time.”

Like Nicholas, thousands of educators use PDF Expert to enrich their teaching toolkits, customize learning materials, and empower students for success. Join the PDF Expert community today and enjoy a special 50% educational discount for this school year. 

* Nicholas is an alias name, as the user prefers to stay anonymous due to his workplace policy, and we respect his decision. 

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