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How to convert PDF to JPG on Mac using PDF Expert

Easily convert any PDF into high-quality JPG or PNG images with PDF Expert, the go-to PDF app for Mac. Get PDF Expert now and follow the steps below to turn your PDFs into high-resolution images.

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Our PDF to JPG converter is about making your life easier and more creative. Changing a PDF into a JPG makes it easier for you to share important information on social media, emails, and websites – and that’s just the beginning of the capabilities of our PDF editor for Mac.

Convert PDF to JPG on a Mac in 7 steps

  1. Download PDF Expert for free and launch the app to access the PDF to JPG converter tool.
  2. Drag & Drop your PDF file into the app to open it.
  3. Click Export on the top toolbar.
  4. Select the to Image option.

Screenshot of the PDF to JPG converter tool from PDF Expert, with the “Export” and “to Image” buttons highlighted.

  1. Choose the desired folder name where you want to save the file(s).

Screenshot of the format selection phase of the PDF-to-image conversion process.

  1. Select the JPG option as File Format, then click Save.
  2. If your PDF file has multiple pages, each of the pages will be saved as an individual JPG file.

All of the saved images will be downloaded to your specified folder and neatly named according to their page numbers so you won’t have to struggle to find the image file you’re looking for.

Beyond how simple PDF Expert makes it to convert your PDFs into images, we make sure you don’t have any trouble finding your files.

Now that we know how to convert PDF to JPG images on a Mac, let’s see how PDF Expert manages to convert a PDF file to a PNG image instead.

How to Convert PDF to PNG on a Mac

  1. Download PDF Expert for free and launch the app.
  2. Open the PDF you want to convert to PNG in PDF Expert.
  3. Click Export on the top toolbar.
  4. Select the to Image option.
  5. Choose the desired folder name where you want to save the file(s).
  6. Select the PNG option as File Format, then click Save.

PDF files with multiple pages will be saved with each page ending up as an individual PNG file, neatly labeled by page number. That way, you can jump directly to the exact page you want.

Should you export PDFs to JPG or PNG files?

PNG files tend to have better quality compared to JPG files, so if your PDF files have a lot of text content, converting the PDF file to PNG image is the best option to preserve the quality of the PDF file.

However, owing to the better image quality, the size of PNG files also tends to be higher than JPG files, so if you’re trying to crunch that, stick to JPGs.

Convert JPG to PDF on a Mac with PDF Expert

Did you know that PDF Expert also works the other way around?

JPGs aren’t always the easiest files to share or print. Converting your images into a PDF is an easy way to group your images into a single document without compromising their quality. 

If you have an image you need saved as a PDF or if you’re looking for an organized way to save multiple pages of images together, you can easily turn a JPG into a PDF in seconds with our user-friendly software. With just a few clicks of a button, you can save the JPG as a PDF, add text to it, compress it, and so much more. 

You won’t have to worry about the quality of the images either. When you use our JPG to PDF converter, your images will retain their pixels and format, so they won’t lose any of their quality or size. you can add a limitless number of pages to a PDF file, so there is no cap on how many images you can add to your PDF file.

PDF Expert is the go-to PDF app for Mac, trusted by 6 million people and awarded by Apple. It has all the tools you need to get things done, from editing and signing PDFs to merging and password-protecting documents.

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