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PDF Expert for Mac Gets an Amazing Update for Legal and Medical Professionals

Today, we're happy to announce PDF Expert for Mac's great update which is essential for any legal eagle's office or medical establishment.

Organize your pages

Starting today, professionals regularly working with PDF documents are able to add Headers and Footers, including text (e.g. author, title or chapter), automatic page numbers and Bates numbers.

Add page numbers

Whether you're working on a research paper or any other sort of large document that needs to be organized and searchable, page numbers are a no-brainer.

With the newest PDF Expert, you can add automatic page numbers and format and position pages in any order. Want to add numbers to all pages except the first one? No problem. Enjoy creating valuable content instead of launching an out-of-control document.

Learn more about the use of page numbers in our latest How-to article

Apply Bates numbering

If you're working in the legal or medical sphere, you're quite familiar with what this is. Bates numbering provides each page with a unique number which speeds up discovery, processing and storing.

In a nutshell, you create an identifier for each document or set of documents with a specific prefix or suffix that helps you recall the content of any document at a glance. They may be both numeric and include letters. For example, you might add Bates numbers for a case number, firm name, copyright or date.

This is extremely useful during the preparation for a trial or stamping medical records for easier, further retrieval.

Wrapping it up

With stamps, signatures, redacting and, now, headers and footers, the new PDF Expert becomes a crucial tool for legal and medical professionals. More to come soon, stay tuned! ;-)

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Maxym Varnalii