Introducing AI Chat (Beta): your shortcut to summarizing and extracting info from PDFs

We are thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the PDF Expert toolkit - AI Chat! If you still haven’t tried to make your life easier with AI, then now is the perfect time as we’re inviting you to be among the first to explore our new BETA version of AI Chat. This marks the beginning of our exciting journey of developing AI-powered tools in PDF Expert and brings a new level of convenience, speed, and precision to help you summarize and navigate PDF documents in seconds.

Enough of the small talk - let's take a closer look at some of the cool things you can do with PDF Expert's new BETA AI Chat feature. 

What can you do with PDF Expert + AI Chat?

Consider this your mini AI assistant! From providing concise summaries to generating keywords and assisting with inquiries, our new AI Chat feature is poised to simplify how you work with PDFs.

For this initial BETA release, we've focused on five key actions: 

  • Generate Summary
  • List Main Points
  • Generate Keywords
  • Generate Hashtags
  • Ask Anything

Generate Summary

Screenshot of PDF Expert AI Chat Generate Summary feature

Navigate long, complex PDFs at speed by generating a concise and accurate summary based on the most important information in the document using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. Once summarized the AI Chat feature will also provide clickable page references used for generating the answer.  

List main points

Screenshot of PDF Expert AI Chat List main points feature

Improve your understanding of the document, save time, and simplify how you conduct time-consuming research by quickly analyzing the contents of the document and highlighting key points without having to read the whole PDF. 

Generate keywords

Screenshot of PDF Expert AI Chat Generate keywords feature

Highlight key information and provide a sense of the main topics covered in the document by analyzing the PDF for keywords based on frequency and relevance.

Generate hashtags 

Screenshot of PDF Expert AI Chat Generate hashtags feature

Analyse your documents for hashtags which can provide you with an efficient way to label your content making it much easier to retrieve or categorize your PDFs. 

Ask Anything 

Screenshot of PDF Expert AI Chat Ask anything feature

Ask any question you want, and our AI Chat feature will respond with an answer, which you can then copy, regenerate, or share. Please note that the AI Chat can only answer questions if the information is located within the open PDF document.

How to enable the AI Chat feature in PDF Expert

With the BETA release of AI Chat, we're excited to showcase its potential, so why not join the journey and share your insights so we can shape the future of AI Chat in PDF Expert together?  Please note our BETA version of AI Chat is available on both Mac and iOS platforms.

  1. To try it out, just open the latest version of PDF Expert (or download it here for Mac and here for iOS).
  2. On Mac, you can click the ‘Chat with PDF’ button in the Tools tab, then choose a document you want to open and work on. After opening the document, the Chat panel will also open. 
    Screenshot of PDF Expert AI Chat button in the Tools tab
  1.  Alternatively, for both Mac and iOS, you will see an ‘AI Chat’ button within the UI - clicking on this icon will open the Chat panel. Screenshot of PDF Expert AI Chat Beta button on top nav bar
  1. Once you've opened the chat panel, you can choose whichever action you want (Generate Summary, List Main Points, Generate Keywords, Generate Hashtags) or use the ‘Ask anything’ field to ask the PDF document questions.
  2. You can copy or share the response directly through email or messenger app.

How AI Chat can help you with your PDF work

Still not sure if AI Chat is for you? Well, the great thing is that anyone who works with PDF documents will find this feature valuable as it makes interacting with PDFs more accessible and fun. 

If you are a Student or an Educator: You can speed up your research activities by asking specific questions, summarising long complex documents, and exploring key topics within a document before reviewing. AI Chat can also aid Educators when preparing class materials and searching for specific information within PDFs. 

If you are a Researcher: Use AI Chat to condense long, complex academic papers highlighting the key findings. To support this, you can also generate hashtags and keywords to help categorize your documents so they are easier to retrieve in the future. 

If you are a Legal professional: You can use AI Chat to locate specific clauses or reference points with lengthy legal documents without the need to read them thoroughly. 

If you are a Business professional: Using quick actions such as ‘Generate Hashtags’ or ‘Generate Keywords’ can help to analyze the document faster. You can also use it to quickly retrieve important information from reports and contracts making it much easier to prepare for critical meetings. 

Go ahead and try AI Chat today

Please note: our BETA AI Chat feature is only available to users who have a PDF Expert Premium subscription or users who have started a Free Trial. The good news is that if it’s your first time using PDF Expert, you will also be able to try the rest of our PDF editing tools, like OCR, editing text and images, PDF converter, and much more. 

Join our journey and help shape the future of AI Chat in PDF Expert with your thoughts and feedback! To use the new BETA version of AI Chat, you need to install the latest version of PDF Expert on your Mac or iPhone/iPad - enjoy!

You can also support the AI Chat release on Product Hunt here

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